Tahlia Rowena Coutinho Workout Plan, How to Get Girls Abs, Diet, Skin Care, Gym, Yoga Secrets
Tahlia Rowena Coutinho Workout Plan, How to Get Girls Abs, Diet, Skin Care, Gym, Yoga Secrets
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इतनी फिट कैसे हैं Tahlia Rowena Coutinho? (What Is Tahlia Fitness Mantra)

Tahlia Rowena Coutinho कहती हैं कि उनकी फिटनेस के पीछे उनके फिटनेस गुरु का बहुत बड़ा रोल हैं। बल्कि Tahlia तो अपने फिटनेस गुरु को अपना रोल मॉडल और मोटिवेशन कहती हैं।

Tahlia कहती हैं कि शुरुआत में वो अच्‍छा दिखने के लिए वर्कआउट करती थी लेकिन अब उन्‍हें वर्कआउट करना काफी पसंद है और इससे वो अच्‍छा महसूस भी करती हैं।

जब Tahlia से पूछा गया कि उन्‍होंने फिटनेस गुरु से कौन सी एक फिटनेस टिप्‍स ली है तो उन्‍होंने कहा “मैं कोई एक नहीं बता सकती हूं, क्‍योंकि मैनें सब कुछ उनसे सीखा है।”

जब Tahlia से उनका फिटनेस मंत्र पूछा गया तो उन्‍होंने कहा “Consistency यानि कि स्थिरता” वो कहती हैं कि आप रोज चाहे 3 घंटे वर्कआउट कर रहे हो या फिर 30 मिनट, उसे रेगुलर करने की जरूरत है।

Tahlia Rowena Biography/Wiki – London Fitness Athletes, Sports Girl

Born on September 9, 1995 (citation needed) in London, UK to an Indian Mother and Kenyan father. They shifted to Bangalore, India when She was 9 due to father’s profession.

Tahlia Rowena Coutinho has completed her schooling from The International School in Bangalore and her diploma in Economics from Indus International School in Bangalore.

Later On;  She moved to UK in 2013 when she was 18 to pursue her graduation (Diploma in PR) from University of Arts, London

Tahlia Rowena Biography/Wiki - London Fitness Athletes, Sports Girl
Tahlia Rowena Biography/Wiki – London Fitness Athletes, Sports Girl
NameTahlia Rowena
Real NameTahlia Rowena Coutinho
CareerModel, Health fanatic, Press officer and Advertising analyst
Date of Birth02 December 1996
Age23 (as of 2019)
Zodiac signYet to be updated
FamilyFather: works in India
Mother: Yet to be updated
Sister: 1
Marital StandingSingle
ReligionCatholic Christian
Educational QualificationSchool: Yet to be updated
College: Diploma in Public relation
College of the Arts London, London
HobbiesGyming, Travelling and Studying
Birth PlaceLondon, United Kingdom
HometownLondon, United Kingdom
Current CityBangalore, Karnataka, India
NationalityUnited Kingdom
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Tahlia Rowena Coutinho को पसंद नहीं कार्डियो (Tahlia Rowena Coutinho Does Not Like Cardio)

Tahlia Rowena Coutinho is a Celebrity Fitness enthusiast but when asked which workout she absolutely dislikes, Tahlia says cardio. She says “I don’t like doing cardio at all. Maybe someone doesn’t like doing cardio. I haven’t come across a person who says he likes doing cardio.”

Her workout videos are often seen on Internet. With keenness to fashion and fitness; she does workouts and spends her time in Gym which helps her maintain her figure.

Tahlia Rowena Coutinho’s workout plan

Fitness comes first for Tahlia. She says that working out makes her strong, fit and healthy. Please tell that Tahlia works out seven days a week. His daily diet includes warm up followed by cardio.

According to him, it is necessary to warm up for 7-10 minutes before any kind of workout. It gently prepares the body by increasing the pulse rate and circulation.

yoga with kickboxing is the secret of fitness

Tahlia says that she often does high-intensity cardio workouts like kickboxing, cycling and skipping for 25 minutes to keep herself fit. Not only this, the actress also considers it necessary to do yoga regularly to bring flexibility in the body.

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Tahlia Rowena Coutinho working out in the gym

Know about Tahlia Rowena Coutinho’s fitness and diet routine

  1. Start Your Day With Vitamin C: Waking up in the morning and drinking warm Vitamin C water is the best way to start your day. Tahlia Rowena Coutinho said, “I like to start my day with a glass of warm water with lemon because the vitamin C in it gives my immunity the kick it needs.” Plus, it helps relieve excess bloating and aid your digestion.
  2. Pre Workout Meal: Pre workout meal provides your body with energy to work out effectively. Tahlia Rowena Coutinho: After that I head to my pre-workout meal which is almost always eggs on toast and a straight black coffee for that extra energy for the gym. Today I made some pasta with a little bit of cheddar and sprinkled some celery on top. ,

London Fitness Model Tahlia Rowena Coutinho Diet Plan


She says, “The lunch or post-workout meal is different every day. However, for today, “I made sure to include some celery on top of my pasta to get those nutritious elements that are so important to you every single day,”

Evening snack

An evening snack helps maintain energy until the time of your dinner. Tahlia Rowena Coutinho’s evening snack includes some kind of fruit, along with some dark chocolate.


Dinner almost always consists of some protein with a good fibrous vegetable to aid digestion.
Tahlia Rowena Coutinho also shared some good sources of lean protein and fibrous vegetables to include in your diet:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Leafy Greens
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Tahlia Rowena Coutinho Beauty Secrets: Why is actress Tahlia Rowena Coutinho so beautiful, know what is the secret of her glowing skin

Tahlia keeps trying home remedies and credits her beauty to these natural DIYs. Today we are going to share with you some face packs and DIY secrets to enhance the beauty of zodiac, which are going to be very useful for you. Let’s know about these packs.

Pimple Fixing Pack

Whenever the actress gets a pimple etc. on her skin, she squeezes a papaya and applies its pulp on the affected area to get rid of this problem. They believe that with this method the pimple disappears in about a day and it works as an instant remedy.

Multani Mitti Hack

Multani mitti is known for its skin benefits and it is also known to make your skin fairer and blemish free. Tahlia also uses Multani Mitti face pack and this pack is one of her best and favorite face packs. You can also use it to enhance the quality of the skin.

aloe vera juice

If there is talk of skin care and the name of aloe vera does not come, then it will be an injustice in itself. Tahlia Rowena Coutinho drinks aloe vera juice for her beauty and skin.

This gives an unseen glow to your skin. You can drink it daily in the morning and it is also beneficial for detoxing your body.

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