Krissy Cela Body Workout, Fitness Tips & Diet Plan Albanian Fitness Model
Krissy Cela Body Workout, Fitness Tips & Diet Plan Albanian Fitness Model
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Krissy Cela Fitness Tips: Krissy Cela toned body continues to impress people and Krissy Cela works really hard to maintain it. Krissy Cela talked about her fitness and workout during the conversation and shared her fitness mantra with her fans, let’s know-

About Krissy Cela

Krissy Cela is a fitness star, entrepreneur, and social media influencer born in Albania on October 7, 1994. Cela is a Libra.

She was in the process of studying for her law degree when she became interested in fitness and weight lifting. She began to learn about cardio, resistance training, and calisthenics. Her determination to learn about fitness came from her growing love for the gym.

Krissy Cela doesn’t think she’s pretty. She prefers hearing people say that acting is better than watching a film and hearing that she is beautiful. This does not mean eat good food, but eat good food.

The key is to sleep well, drink plenty of water and maintain good health. I suggest that you should be careful what you eat and what you apply on your face.

about body shaming of Krissy Cela

Full NameChristiana Eleni Cela
Nick NameKrissy
Birth Date7th October 1994
Zodiac SignLibra
Height5′ 3″
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
About Krissy Cela

All I can say is that body shaming is very unfortunate. Commenting on colour, wood and length is now a routine. That mindset needs to be changed from the society.

Still doing 5 days juice diet

Krissy Cela told that a few years back I had done a 5 days juice diet which many people followed. I still follow this diet many times but do not extend it beyond a month because your body needs everything, including fat.

So it is not wrong to eat cheese or chocolates, street food, fried food occasionally. But, there should be a limit to them. You can only eat this kind of thing once or twice a month. Just avoid these things a little at night.

Krissy Cela’s Workout Routine

Krissy Cela’s fitness routine mixes strength training, HIIT, and cardio exercises. She emphasizes the importance of switching up her routine to challenge her body. Here’s her current weekly workout split:

  1. Lower body 2x per week–example: squats, deadlifts, lunges, hip thrusts, and calf raises
  2. Upper body 2x per week–example: chest press, lat pull-downs, shoulder press, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and bent-over rows
  3. Total body 2x per week–example: bodyweight exercises and increased reps of full body moves like pushups and mountain climbers

Legs Workout Tips

A simple & juicy leg workout I know you’ll love! If you’re familiar with my strong lower body program

  • Heavy loaded BB squat: 6 reps 4 sets and final set at 12 reps reduce weight
  • Sumo DB squat: 10-12 reps 4 sets
  • Heavy load Leg Press: 6-8 reps 4 sets
  • Step ups: 6/8 reps each leg 3 sets

Beauty Tips

This does not mean eat good food, but eat good food. The key is to sleep well, drink plenty of water and maintain good health. I suggest that you should be careful what you eat and what you apply on your face.

15,000 steps, 4 liters of water and many more…

Krissy Cela tells us that working out doesn’t have to be difficult, you just have to get used to it. Gradually make workouts a part of your daily routine. I make sure that I walk 15,000 steps throughout the day.

Nowadays you can keep a recording of it on the phone or on the fit band. At least four liters of water should be drunk and use more and more veggies in food. Even if you are a non-vegetarian, try to have more vegetables in your diet.

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If you are getting bored with workouts like gym yoga then…

Krissy Cela told me that I get very bored with the same workouts. I need something new every few days.

If you ever get bored with your workout then do some other activity. Find your outdoor hobby. If you like cycling then do it, if you are fond of photography then go for clicks better than going by car, I am sure you will get many good clicks on the way too.

You can also play sports like tennis, football or cricket.

Gym Workout Tips

I want you to think GYM progress without the gym!

minimal space (as you can see this entire workout was in one space)
ALL levels welcomed for beginner to expert
DB & Band only
Achievable for all

Give this workout ago:

1️⃣ Double Pulse Squats: 12 reps 4 sets
2️⃣ RDL: 10 reps 4 sets
3️⃣ Lateral Squats: 12 reps 4 sets
4️⃣ Reverse Lunge Pulse: 12 reps 3 sets each leg
5️⃣ Single Leg RDL: 8 reps 3 sets each leg

Get Sexy Abs like Krissy Cela

I wrote this abs workout for absolutely everyone. I want to motivate everyone to train their core / abs no matter what their ability is.

Choose your level and here’s what I want you to do:

Perform exercises 1-3 only (10 reps / 2 rounds)

Perform exercises 1-5 only (10 reps / 2 rounds)

Perform exercises 1-7 only (10 reps/ 2 rounds)

Perform exercises 1-8 only (12 reps / 2 rounds )

🦵 Alternating Lying Leg Raise
🚲 Bicycles
🕷 Dead Bug
✂️ Scissor Kicks
⛰ Mountain Climber
💪 Side Plank Elbow Crunch
🪵 Plank
🦶High Plank Toe Taps

takes limited diet

Let us tell you that Krissy Cela takes a limited diet to stay fit. She said, ‘I always eat in limit. I take more coconut water, fruits and vegetables to stay fresh.

Starving myself is a punishment and I don’t do that. Yes, I avoid eating fast food and Chinese soup is my favorite.

Healthy Diet is also a part of routine

In such a situation, she takes special care of her diet. More and more vegetables are included in his diet.

  • Breakfast: 3 eggs, fresh vegetables, fruit salad
  • Evening Snacks: Her snacks include things like walnuts, cranberries, almonds and cashews.
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup, salad, chicken sandwich, banana, orange, dark chocolate.
  • Dinner: Sardine Fish, Onion Salad, Melba Toast, Quinoa and Mixed Vegetable.

Krissy Cela Facts

  • Krissy Cela hails from Albania.
  • She is a famous fitness trainer, model, Youtuber, and social media influencer. 
  • Black, Green, and Orange are her favorite colors. 
  • Krissy is fond of working out, modeling, walking on beaches, writing, and photography. 
  • She is a pet lover and has a pet dog. 
  • Australia is one of the favorite travel destinations. 
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