Uzbek Girls WhatsApp Calling Number from Uzbekistan (100% Active Numbers)
Uzbek Girls WhatsApp Calling Number from Uzbekistan (100% Active Numbers)
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Hello friends, welcome to our World Women Portal blog, friends, if you want a Uzbek girl’s mobile number, to talk to such a girl, you are looking for the girl’s contact number so that you can be friends with her but you are not getting any such website on the internet. From where I can get real Uzbekistan girl whatsapp number, let me tell you that there is no such person who can give you mobile number of Uzbekistan girls.

List of Muslim Uzbekistan Girls WhatsApp Number 2024: Friends, today we are going to talk about the mobile number or phone number of Uzbek girls. If you are also looking for contact numbers for friendship with Uzbekistan girls or want to make Muslim girlfriends, then you will love this post.

Friends, in that post we told how you can make friends with Uzbekistan girls. Today we are going to discuss with you about the number of Uzbek Muslim Girls WhatsApp. We have a lot of friends, who tell them that they need the phone number of a Uzbekistan girl, so that they can be friends with them. After getting Uzbekistan girls Mobile Number for friendship 2023, they can easily do friendship.

How to get Uzbekistan girls number

Taking mobile numbers of Uzbekistan girls is not an easy task but if you are active on social media then you will get numbers of Uzbekistan girls easily. Some of our friends say that if they want girl’s number or Uzbekistan item phone number for marriage, then they should read other posts on our blog.

Some people ask about Second Marriage Uzbekistan girl Mobile Number or Uzbekistan Divorce Girl WhatsApp Number. They should talk with patience after getting the girl’s number.

Uzbekistan girls are very beautiful and have true love. Once he gave his heart to you, your life would be made. You must know how to seduce a girl. Uzbekistan girls love poetry, so you can start your love by sending them love poetry. If you do not know what to talk to girls, then you should read this post of ours –

List of Uzbekistan Girls WhatsApp Dating Numbers with Name, Number, Age, Photos

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Uzbekistan Girls NameUzbekistan Girls WhatsApp NumberUzbekistan City / LocationCountry
Zulfizar+998 063062340TashkentUzbekistan
Dilobar+998 336263934NamanganUzbekistan
Laziza+998 393213632SamarkandUzbekistan
Madina+998 36480966AndijonUzbekistan
gabri+998 64893003Qo’qonUzbekistan
kamola+998 693349434BukharaUzbekistan
Muborak+998 433930969NukusUzbekistan
abigail+998 282391336QarshiUzbekistan
Nigora+998 333394368ChirchiqUzbekistan
Cute+998 362892804FerganaUzbekistan
Sarvinoz+998 382391336JizzaxUzbekistan
Nozima+998 162961333UrganchUzbekistan
Dasha+998 124829331TirmizUzbekistan
alimova+998 333306619Marg`ilonUzbekistan
payton+998 009263646NavoiyUzbekistan
Muqaddas Jumanova+998 020966893AngrenUzbekistan
Mohigul+998 454544544OlmaliqUzbekistan
LUCY+998 956565655BekobodUzbekistan
Muxlisa+998 544545411QunghirotUzbekistan
Amina+998 546565656DenovUzbekistan

Tashkent Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Live Love Talk and Get Relationship

Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. It’s known for its many museums and its mix of modern and Soviet-era architecture. 

get Tashkent Girls Mobile Phone Numbers for friendship, Chat, Love, Dating or etc…

NameNelya Norbayeva
LocationNear Highway Road, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
ReligionShia Islam, Muslim
Looking ForOnline Love Talk
Girls WhatsApp Numbers+998 1564879852
Phone Numbers+998 1564879852
Telegram Numbers+998 1564879852
E-Mail IDNelya [email protected]
Mobile Numbers+998 1564879852
Instagram Profile@Nelya Norbayeva
LinkDin Profile@Nelya Norbayeva
Tencent QQ@Nelya Norbayeva
TikTok ID@Nelya Norbayeva
NameRita Alam
LocationNr. Business Apartments, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
ReligionShia Islam, Muslim
Looking ForOnline Friendship
Girls Contact Numbers+998 455621887
IMO Numbers+998 455621887
Telephone Numbers+998 455621887
Google HangoutsRita [email protected]
STD/Local Numbers+998 455621887
GroupMe ID@Rita Alam
Workplace ID@Rita Alam
Threema ID@Rita Alam
Mattermost Profile@Rita Alam
Uzbek Girls WhatsApp Number List for Love Talk

Uzbek Girls WhatsApp Phone Numbers for Live Love Talk – meet Stranger People Boys & Girls

If you are a resident of Uzbekistan or want to make a good girlfriend of Uzbekistan, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to give whatsapp number of some girls of Uzbekistan. You can save these numbers in your phone. Do it and if you want, you can make a good girlfriend by chatting with them.

Uzbekistan Girls NameUzbekistan Girls WhatsApp NumberUzbekistan City / LocationCountry
zoda+998 3362626525BeruniyUzbekistan
madison+998 6665656565ChustUzbekistan
Afifa+998 8787456465Kogon ShahriUzbekistan
Amaliya+998 4545454545YangiyulUzbekistan
Arofat+998 200746524KosonUzbekistan
Ruthinna+998 895656565Kattaqo’rg’on ShahriUzbekistan
Sitora+998 656565655Oltinko`lUzbekistan
Gulbanu+998 0250 6590ShahrisabzUzbekistan
Maftuna+998 878898989AsakaUzbekistan
KATE+998 792583456XivaUzbekistan
Mumtoza+998 198709740GulistonUzbekistan
Mavluda+998 991750256Xo`jayli ShahriUzbekistan
Khadicha+998 625538981ChortoqUzbekistan
Munisa+998 369788990Novyy Turtkul’Uzbekistan
mohidil+998 195709740Urgut ShahriUzbekistan
Zara+998 957103152KosonsoyUzbekistan
Iroda+998 306450112KitobUzbekistan
Emily+998 756377670G’ijduvon ShahriUzbekistan
Zarina+998 378906567OqtoshUzbekistan
Jessica+998 734524667ParkentUzbekistan

Samarkand Girls Contact Phone Numbers

Samarkand is a city in Uzbekistan known for its mosques and mausoleums. Then You can Find Samarkand Girls WhatsApp Number? Yes, then Let’s Start List Samarkand Girls WhatsApp Number with Profile.

NameAnna Rasulova
LocationSamarkand, Uzbekistan
ReligionSunni Islam, Muslim
Looking Forfor Marriage
StatusDivorced Women
Girls WhatsApp Numbers+998 4578878520
Phone Numbers+998 4578878520
Telegram Numbers+998 4578878520
Mobile Numbers+998 4578878520
Qzone User ID@Anna Rasulova
Sina Weibo ID@Anna Rasulova
Viber ID@Anna Rasulova
Line ID@Anna Rasulova
NameMatlyuba Kambarova
LocationNr. Vegetable Market, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Looking ForOnline Chatting – Live Cam
Girls WhatsApp Numbers+998 4789655201
Phone Numbers+998 4789655201
Telegram Numbers+998 4789655201
Mobile Numbers+998 4789655201
Medium ID@Matlyuba Kambarova
VKontakte (VK) ID@Matlyuba Kambarova
Foursquare ID@Matlyuba Kambarova
Renren Profile@Matlyuba Kambarova

Single Uzbekistan Aunties WhatsApp Contact Number for Time Pass

Uzbekistan Aunty NameUzbekistan Aunty WhatsApp NumberUzbekistan City / LocationCountry
Florida+998 646984648OhangaronUzbekistan
Dilbar+998 031504582Uchqurghon ShahriUzbekistan
dilfuza+998 031504549QuvaUzbekistan
havasxon+998 031504580OyimUzbekistan
Muattar+998 031504521YangiyerUzbekistan
Muattarbonu+998 031504585QuvasoyUzbekistan
Nataly+998 501244124ManghitUzbekistan
Charos+998 056268567UychiUzbekistan
Sabohat+998 057052340NurotaUzbekistan
Zuzu+998 585948643MuborakUzbekistan
Yorkinoy+998 031504588ToshbuloqUzbekistan
Gulshanoy+998 031504589Yangiqo`rg`onUzbekistan
Dilshoda+998 031504583PopUzbekistan
Yulia+998 031504584PiskentUzbekistan
Sayyora+998 786770138To`rqao`rg`onUzbekistan
Diyora+998 678531296QibrayUzbekistan
Deniza+998 654766051IskandarUzbekistan
Schachnosa+998 503726783GurlanUzbekistan
raya+998 283629704Zomin ShaharchasiUzbekistan
Dilafruz+998 123879654ShovotUzbekistan

Namangan Girls WhatsApp Dating Numbers for True Relationship

NameShahzoda Kizmet
LocationNear Shopping mall, Namangan, Uzbekistan
ReligionJain Shia Islam, Muslim
Looking Forfor Love Marriage
Girls WhatsApp Numbers+998 545756852
Phone Numbers+998 545756852
Telegram Numbers+998 545756852
Mobile Numbers+998 545756852
Badoo ID@Shahzoda Kizmet
Myspace Profile ID@Shahzoda Kizmet
StumbleUpon ID@Shahzoda Kizmet
We Heart It Profile@Shahzoda Kizmet
NameNargiz Farmonova
LocationNamangan, Uzbekistan
ReligionSunni Islam, Muslim
Looking ForLive Cam, Video Talk, Some Live Cutes Poses
Girls WhatsApp Numbers+998 4658762150
Phone Numbers+998 4658762150
Telegram Numbers+998 4658762150
Mobile Numbers+998 4658762150
MeetMe Girl Profile@Nargiz Farmonova
Skype ID@Nargiz Farmonova
SnapChat ID@Nargiz Farmonova
Signal Profile@Nargiz Farmonova
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Meet Single Uzbekistan College Girls Contact Numbers for Make a Girlfriends

Uzbekistan College Girls NameUzbekistan College Girls WhatsApp NumberUzbekistan City / LocationCountry
Shahlo+998 863527808BoysunUzbekistan
Regina+998 759540017SirdaryoUzbekistan
Nasiba+998 907636007Bulung’ur ShahriUzbekistan
ADOLAT+998 707636005ToshloqUzbekistan
NIGORA+998 905251007Shofirkon ShahriUzbekistan
OLMA+998 912630107SalorUzbekistan
OLTINGUL+998 287632307BektemirUzbekistan
RUHSORA+998 170766997HaqqulobodUzbekistan
SHAHNOZA+998 170723699DardoqUzbekistan
CHINARA+998 173463699Qo`rg`ontepaUzbekistan
DURDONA+998 190763699OltiariqUzbekistan
FERUZA+998 170763019G`uzorUzbekistan
FIRUZA+998 190763601YangirabotUzbekistan
GULCHEKHRA+998 178763009Sho`rchiUzbekistan
GULNORA+998 190733699YangiobodUzbekistan
TOMYRIS+998 180763698Gagarin ShahriUzbekistan
AKGUL+998 187763008ZafarUzbekistan
ANORA+998 101763600Payshamba ShahriUzbekistan
AZALIYA+998 180063698G’azalkentUzbekistan
GULYA+998 180063698ChinozUzbekistan
NameAsal Matchanova
LocationNr. Star Hotel, Uzbekistan
ReligionSunni Islam, Muslim
Looking ForMeet for Alone, Private Chat
Girls WhatsApp Numbers+998 54898522102
Phone Numbers+998 54898522102
Gmail IDAsal [email protected]
Telegram Numbers+998 54898522102
Mobile Numbers+998 54898522102
WeChat ID@Asal Matchanova
Meetup Girl Profile@Asal Matchanova
Clover App ID@Asal Matchanova
Plenty of Fish Profile@Asal Matchanova
NameLarissa Kurkova
LocationNr. Love Garden, Uzbekistan
ReligionShia Islam, Muslim
Looking ForMake a Boyfriend
Girls WhatsApp Numbers+998 487985620
IMO Numbers+998 487985620
Telephone Numbers+998 487985620
Mobile Numbers+998 487985620
Facebook Profile@Larissa Kurkova
Viber ID@Larissa Kurkova
FB Messenger ID@Larissa Kurkova
Instagram Profile@Larissa Kurkova
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Uzbek Divorce – Widow Women WhatsApp Number for Friendship

Uzbekistan Divorce – Widow Girls NameUzbekistan Divorce – Widow Girls WhatsApp NumberUzbekistan City / LocationCountry
GYULCHEKHRA+998 760891747Karakul’Uzbekistan
GYULYA+998 798891700BeshariqUzbekistan
JAMOLA+998 908891787Paxtakor ShahriUzbekistan
LOLA+998 908891797TuytepaUzbekistan
MUNISA+998 763891733KirguliUzbekistan
UMIDA+998 799891747YaypanUzbekistan
YULDUZ+998 760891747Juma ShahriUzbekistan
YULDUZA+998 908891798DashtobodUzbekistan
ZIYODA+998 968891907Bo`kaUzbekistan
ZUHRO+998 701891776ChiroqchiUzbekistan
Mirha+998 108891007HazoraspUzbekistan
Minha+998 608890047BeshkentUzbekistan
Eshal+998 638891720Qo’shko’pirUzbekistan
Yashfa+998 768091741Xo`jaobodUzbekistan
Minsa+998 768231740ChelakUzbekistan
Irha+998 768901745Vobkent ShahriUzbekistan
Javeria+998 238891754Do’stlik ShahriUzbekistan
Hurrem+998 878891776SultonobodUzbekistan
Zimal+998 768891700Galaosiyo ShahriUzbekistan
Noorain+998 908891767MarhamatUzbekistan

Andijan Girl WhatsApp Mobile Numbers List of Online friendship

NameDilnoza Shodiyeva
LocationAndijan, Uzbekistan
ReligionShia Islam, Muslim
Looking ForWedding
Girls WhatsApp Numbers+998 5448978520
Phone Numbers+998 5448978520
Telegram Numbers+998 5448978520
Mobile Numbers+998 5448978520
WeChat ID@Dilnoza Shodiyeva
eHarmony Girl Profile@Dilnoza Shodiyeva
Match ID@Dilnoza Shodiyeva
Signal Profile@Dilnoza Shodiyeva
NameSitora Kubayeva
LocationAndijan, Uzbekistan
ReligionSunni Islam, Muslim
Looking ForRomantic Love Talk & Chat
Girls WhatsApp Numbers+998 4879565201
Phone Numbers+998 4879565201
Telegram Numbers+998 4879565201
Mobile Numbers+998 4879565201
WeChat ID@Sitora Kubayeva
Skype ID@Sitora Kubayeva
SnapChat ID@Sitora Kubayeva
okCupid Girl Profile@Sitora Kubayeva

Islamic Uzbekistan Girls Mobile Numbers for Late-Night Calling

Uzbekistan Girls NameUzbekistan Girls Mobile NumberUzbekistan City / LocationCountry
Hoorab+998 300891700Jomboy ShahriUzbekistan
Sidratul Muntaha+998 541891777Kegeyli ShaharUzbekistan
Namid+998 401891776Yangi Marg`ilonUzbekistan
Parishay+998 801891796UrtaowulUzbekistan
Riza+998 761891730CharxinUzbekistan
Zartasha+998 981891740QiziltepaUzbekistan
Aliyan+998 760891746HamzaUzbekistan
Alaya+998 981891798TinchlikUzbekistan
Zunaira+998 960091907Ishtixon ShahriUzbekistan
Alayna+998 901001776MuynoqUzbekistan
Arsheen+998 101011007Romitan ShahriUzbekistan
Izna+998 601897747Olot ShahriUzbekistan
Arsh+998 631001728GazliUzbekistan
Haneen+998 120091748Nishon TumaniUzbekistan
Aizah+998 871231741QorovulbozorUzbekistan
Iqamat+998 901901740EskiarabUzbekistan
Saida+998 651891759DahbedUzbekistan
Qudsia+998 631891777ShohimardonUzbekistan
Muizza+998 231891709KyzyldzharUzbekistan

Tashkent College Girls Phone Number, Skype ID, Snapchat ID, WeChat ID for Live Video Calling with Stranger People

NameFeruza Aliyeva
LocationNr. Airport, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
ReligionShia Islam, Muslim
Looking ForOnline Friendship
Girls WhatsApp Numbers+998 2149879852
Phone Numbers+998 2149879852
Telegram Numbers+998 2149879852
Mobile Numbers+998 2149879852
WeChat ID@Feruza Aliyeva
Skype ID@Feruza Aliyeva
SnapChat ID@Feruza Aliyeva
Signal Profile@Feruza Aliyeva
NameSvetlana Fedorinskaya
LocationTashkent, Uzbekistan
Looking ForOnline Video Calling Fun
StatusIn Relationship
Girls WhatsApp Numbers+998 21654894520
Phone Numbers+998 21654894520
Telegram Numbers+998 21654894520
Mobile Numbers+998 21654894520
Facebook Profile@Svetlana Fedorinskaya
Twitter Account@Svetlana Fedorinskaya
Google Duo Number@Svetlana Fedorinskaya
Facebook Messenger Profile@Svetlana Fedorinskaya
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