500+ UK Girls WhatsApp Number for Online Friendship Meet England Stranger People
500+ UK Girls WhatsApp Number for Online Friendship Meet England Stranger People
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Hello friends, today we will share UK Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship on WorldGirlsPortal.com. If you want to have friendship with a aunty in your region, you are at the right place. You’ll get all British Cities of UK Girls Phone numbers here.

Here UK Girls Phone Numbers for friendship, Dating, Chatting in All England Cities like as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cambridge, Nottingham, Leeds, York, Cardiff, Sheffield, Belfast, Kingston Upon Hull Girls, Housewives, Divorced Lady, Widow Girl, College Girls, Stranger People Profile, Age, Status, etc

List of United Kingdom (UK) Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Live Love Talk, Meet Stranger People

So here are the numbers of British Girls from your area. You can contact with easily through WhatsApp. If you don’t know how to start a conversation with any England girls or women then we will also give you a step by step guide which will help you in your communication skills.

UK Girls Number

United Kingdom Girls NameUnited Kingdom Girls WhatsApp NumberUnited Kingdom Girls Cities
Olivia+44 3266250005London
Emma+44 5374402333Birmingham
Charlotte+44 3536553520Swansea
Amelia+44 5733653052Peterborough
Ava+44 5537730026Aberdeen
Sophia+44 5133243500Portsmounth
Isabella+44 3374655530Chester
Mia+44 5675400353Southampton
UK Girls NameUK Girls WhatsApp NumbersUK Girls Cities from England
Olivia+44 2398288762London
Amelia+44 2381775645Birmingham
Faith+44 2382188993Manchester
Dorothy+44 2384579098Liverpool
Penny+44 2382777889Edinburgh
Betsy+44 2389378766Bristol
Laura+44 2389780671Newcastle
Eve+44 2389297754Glasgow
Lexi+44 2399888765Cambridge
Lily+44 2369780987Nottingham
Florence+44 2379287871Leeds
Mia+44 2393482323York
Willow+44 2374582378Cardiff
Rosie+44 2368986756Sheffield
Sophia+44 2386777867Belfast
Isabella+44 2399673254Kingston Upon Hull
Grace+44 2398278978Portsmounth
Daisy+44 2379375634Leicester
Sienna+44 2381764523Southampton

London Girls WhatsApp Chat Numbers for True Relationship

So here are the numbers of London Girls from your area. You can contact with easily through WhatsApp. If you don’t know how to start a conversation with any girls or women then we will also give you a step by step guide which will help you in your communication skills.


Name: Emma
Whatsapp: +445654160352.

Hello my name is Emma. I’m 36 years and old from London, UK. I’m looking for a good boy to have fun. If you are interested in me please contact me through WhatsApp. I’m posting my number on World Women Portal. I hope that admin will share my post on the website.

London Girls Phone Numbers

London Girls NameLondon Girls WhatsApp NumbersLondon Girls Area / Cities
Abigail+44 3746350005Nr. Airport Road, London
Sofia+44 5344667500St. Paul’s Cathedral, UK
Avery+44 3666555053Nr. Finsbury, UK
Scarlett+44 5766455503Nr. Junkyard Golf Club | Crazy Golf Shoreditch, UK
Emily+44 3355655432Nr. Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridge, UK
Aria+44 5755642133Nr. Spitalfields Market, UK
Penelope+44 3533505564Nr. The Truman Brewery Markets, UK
Abigail+44 5766333256Nr. Elephant and Castle, London

Birmingham Girls WhatsApp Phone Numbers List

Only serious boys should contact me. If you are strong and masculine I will prefer you. I’m really unhappy with my marriage and I need some one who can chat with me and me happy.

Emily Watson

Name: Emily.
Whatsapp: +443360721613.

My name is Emliy and I’m from Birmingham, England. I’m searching for a partner to start a healthy relationship. I’m 25 years and I really need a boyfriend to share my feelings. I want to chat with him and have fun.

Birmingham Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Hannah+44 3327726500
Addison+44 5766525502
Leah+44 3726625411
Lucy+44 5562552435
Eliana+44 3500244452
Ivy+44 5326625670
Everly+44 3355267772
Lillian+44 5625527350

Manchester Girls WhatsApp Dating Number for Online Friendship

So if you are serious to start a relationship please contact me on my number which I’m sharing here on this website. I hoke I will get my partner here soon. Come inbox ASAP so that we can have fun….!
Admin please approve my request and share my numbers in the list Manchester Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship or in ant other list I need a boyfriend.

Kate Winslet

Name: Kate Winslet
Whatsapp: +445727433673.

Hi guys, my name is Kate Winslet and I’m looking for new friends in Manchester. I’m 33 years old. As all of my friends are already married and having fun. I need a boyfriend who can make me happy. I’m currently doing a full time job which hardly gives me time to look for partner. Therefore I’m posting my number on this website so that I can find my real love partner.

Manchester Girls, Housewives, Widow Women WhatsApp Numbers List

Delilah+44 3327725642
Claire+44 5325566625
Audrey+44 3233320002
Aaliyah+44 5025527362
Ruby+44 3520056242
Brooklyn+44 5520065276
Alice+44 3735052422
Aubrey+44 5277200000

Liverpool Girls WhatsApp Numbers from United Kingdom (England)

If you are interested in long term relationship then contact me through WhatsApp. I’m sharing my number and hopefully admin will approve my number.

Carey Thompson

Name: Carey Thompson
Whatsapp Number: +445553202053.

Hello, this is Carey Thompson. I’m 33 years old from Liverpool and looking for men to start a relationship. If you interested in me please contact me on my number. I’m posting my number on World Women Portal. You can easily contact me on WhatsApp or call me directly. I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.
Only serious men should contact me. Thank you.

Beautiful Liverpool Girls Phone Number for Friendship

Adeline+44 3327725020
Madeline+44 5500233333
Piper+44 3520025673
Rylee+44 5325524524
Athena+44 3325520020
Peyton+44 5027562532
Everleigh+44 3305525242
Vivian+44 5525526003

England University College Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Online Friendship

So this was the introduction of some of the ladies that are mentioned in today’s list British College Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship. These University Girls are eagerly searching for their life partner. Your wait is over. If you want to have fun and start a healthy relationship then start the conversation right now. Take the numbers from the list down below and have fun

British College Girls Girls WhatsApp Numbers List

UK University & College Girls NameUK University & College Girls WhatsApp NumberBritish College Name
Arianna+44 3200025242University of Oxford, UK
Isabel+44 5555200024University of London
Reese+44 3725300525Imperial College London
Emersyn+44 5155514200University of Cambridge
Sienna+44 3255524100University of Birmingham
Kehlani+44 5000244423University of Edinburgh
River+44 3255502442University of Manchester
Freya+44 5025524440Durham University, UK
UK University Girls NameUK College Girls WhatsApp NumbersUK College Girls Cities from England
Poppy+44 2378364321Coventry
Elsie+44 2379735476Oxford
Emily+44 2378665465Aberdeen
Ella+44 2376869890Plymouth
Evelyn+44 2398789087Norwich
Phoebe+44 2377866534Exeter
Sofia+44 2367556789Bath
Evie+44 2389709854Swansea
Charlotte+44 2379965443Peterborough
Harper+44 2377866587Derby
Mya+44 2389680990Brighton
Wren+44 2367966554Dundee
Athena+44 2389079898Preston
Isla+44 1698861762Bradford
Ava+44 1608073673Durham
Ivy+44 1690722671Chester
Freya+44 1683818261Salisbury
Millie+44 1679267173Inverness
Matilda+44 1679997271Canterbury

UK Call Girls WhatsApp Numbers from England (British Area)

There are more then 50+ numbers on our list which are active on WhatsApp. If you don’t use WhatsApp you can contact them by SMS or Call. Make sure to be real quick before some else get them.

As you will start the conversation if they will like you they will probably ask you for an online date. If you don’t know about online dating, I’ll tell you some basic information about it and also tell you some tips to make sure that you don’t mess up on your first online date.

UK Call Girls NameUK Call Girls WhatsApp NumbersUK Call Girls Cities from England
Maya+44 1617628163Sunderland
Sophie+44 1698871771Chichester
Alice+44 1671188162Manchester, United Kingdom
Emilia+44 1698861762Newcastle, England (UK)
Isabelle+44 1608073673Leeds, United Kingdom
Ruby+44 1690722671York, England (UK)
Luna+44 1683818261Glasgow, British (UK)
Maisie+44 1679267173Cambridge, United Kingdom
Aria+44 1679997271Nottingham, United Kingdom
Penelope+44 1617628163CardiffBritish (UK)
Mila+44 1698871771Sheffield, United Kingdom
Bonnie+44 1671188162Belfast, United Kingdom
Eva+44 2098861762London, England (UK)
Imogen+44 2098073673Birmingham, United Kingdom
Jessica+44 2090722671Kingston Upon Hull
Delilah+44 2083818261Portsmounth, United Kingdom
Lottie+44 2079267173Leicester, British (UK)
Chloe+44 2079997271Southampton, United Kingdom
Layla+44 2077628163Coventry, British (UK)
Thea+44 2098871771Oxford, United Kingdom

Is Using WhatsApp is Important?

Well, WhatsApp is a great source of communication. It allows you communicate with your friends and families. It’s free all you need is just the numbers which I have provided you in the list UK Call Girls WhatsApp Numbers.

UK Call Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship

England Call Girls NameEngland Call Girls WhatsApp NumberEngland Call Girls Location / Area / City
Mackenzie+44 3000654233London
Maeve+44 5666542002Bristol
Margaret+44 3133342555Liverpool
Reagan+44 5055044432Cambridge
Charlie+44 3550442313Manchester
Alaia+44 5045534534Newcastle
Melanie+44 3544133425Birmingham
Josie+44 5550755564Glasgow
UK Girls WhatsApp Number for Online Friendship, Love Talk

Rich British Aunty WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship, Chat, Date with Stranger

All the numbers that are on today’s list are active on WhatsApp only. So yes it’s important to contact them through WhatsApp. You’ll also get to know easily on WhatsApp whether the UK Aunties has seen your text or not.

So it’s highly recommend and important to contact with the beauty aunties who are waiting for to approach them and have fun. Do not wait how save the numbers and start having fun.

Online Date With Aunties from United Kingdom

England Aunties NameEngland Aunties WhatsApp NumberEngland Aunties Cities from UK
Ariana+44 3605034221Nottingham
Emery+44 5774555423Cardiff
Lydia+44 3300566542Leeds, England
Jade+44 5500453324Sheffield
Sarah+44 3300553217Belfast
Clara+44 5555555352York, UK
Raelynn+44 3305233414Portsmounth
Liliana+44 5555005400Kingston Upon Hull
UK Aunty NameUK Aunty WhatsApp NumbersUK Aunty Cities from England
Eleanor+44 2061188162Salisbury, United Kingdom
Aurora+44 2076875412Inverness, UK
Margot+44 2097654348Canterbury, UK
Mabel+44 2097654456Sunderland, England
Erin+44 2088765437Chichester, United Kingdom
Elizabeth+44 2086543345Aberdeen, British (UK)
Emma+44 2072345656Bradford, British (UK)
Scarlett+44 2097654654Durham, United Kingdom
Harriet+44 2099098876Plymouth, UK
Lola+44 2080098767Norwich, British (UK)
Nancy+44 2077675435Exeter, England (UK)
Orla+44 2067576443Bath, British (UK)
Ayla+44 2086754321Swansea, England (UK)
Rose+44 2076534122Peterborough, UK
Zara+44 2086987755Derby, United Kingdom
Iris+44 2076536534Brighton, England (UK)
Robyn+44 2076845635Dundee, England (UK)
Hallie+44 2097964536Preston, United Kingdom
Eliza+44 2099864468Liverpool, British (UK)
Ada+44 2079768556Edinburgh, England (UK)

UK Divorced – Widow Women WhatsApp Numbers List with Profile

Online date is a great way to know the person before meeting her or him in real life. Here is how it works. If the Widow & Divorce Women that are in England Divorced Lady – Widow Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship like you they will surely ask you for an online date.

It’s basically a video call in which she will ask you about yourself just to see you are the same person she saw in the picture. Make sure to sit in full lighting and prefer night time.

Have nice and neat dressing, make your hairstyle and have confidence. That’s all it takes to impress ladies on an online date.

UK Divorced – Widow Women NameUK Divorced – Widow Women WhatsApp NumberUK Divorced – Widow Women Cities
Kennedy+44 3675534214London
Madelyn+44 5007653421Birmingham
Josephine+44 3356654003Liverpool
Bella+44 5505505433Manchester
Skylar+44 3300643120Edinburgh
Genesis+44 5466302314Bristol
Sophie+44 3355643533Oxford
Hailey+44 5500532411Brighton
UK Divorced NameUK Widow WhatsApp NumbersUK Girls Cities from England
Violet+44 2087989978Bristol, United Kingdom
Esme+44 2097857643Chester, UK
Arabella+44 2090907086London, UK
Bella+44 2085774568Liverpool, England
Molly+44 2098775746Birmingham, United Kingdom

UK Girls Snapchat ID, Skype ID, WeChat ID and Some Other Chatting Social Media Profile with ID

Name: Emilia Dench
Location: Nr. Airport, London, UK
Religion: Hindu
Looking For: Online Friendship
Status: Single
Age: 21
Girls WhatsApp Numbers: +44 564896532
Phone Numbers: +44 564896532
Telegram Numbers: +44 564896532
Mobile Numbers: +44 564896532
WeChat ID: @Emilia Dench
Skype ID: @Emilia Dench
SnapChat ID: @Emilia Dench
Signal Profile: @Emilia Dench

Name: Maggie Clarke
Location: Nr. Coffee Shop, London, UK
Religion: Muslim
Looking For: Online Video Calling Fun
Status: Single
Age: 21
Girls WhatsApp Numbers: +44 123468498
Phone Numbers: +44 123468498
Telegram Numbers: +44 123468498
Mobile Numbers: +44 123468498
QQ ID: @Maggie Clarke
Tumblr ID: @Maggie Clarke
TikTok ID: @Maggie Clarke
Qzone Profile: @Maggie Clarke

Frequently asked Question (FAQ)

How to Simple Way to Impress England Girl?

Keep in mind friends, getting caught in your talk is the best way to get close to her, so be a little talkative too. Engage him in such questions as if he is a little confused. He also left film dialogues in between. Put such ringtones in your mobile which he likes.

How to get UK Delhi girls number?

Friends, I have written a complete post for you, in this you want the number of girls like college girl, single girls, house wife, divorced girl, married woman, call girl, these are the profiles of all types of UK girls, new companion numbers will be found.

Conclusion of World England Women Portal:

So all of the necessary information has been provided. Herr is a complete list of UK Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship. Just save the numbers and have fun. Remember to use all the tips that we have discussed. You’ll surely get your dream UK Girls.

If you are serious to get a UK Girls as your friend this is a perfect chance for you. If you liked this article please let us know the comments.

You can also check our other articles on UK girls mobile numbers and much more.

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