Rachel Dillon Fitness Tips WBFF bikini world champion Rachel Abs, Skincare Secrets, Yoga, Gym
Rachel Dillon Fitness Tips WBFF bikini world champion Rachel Abs, Skincare Secrets, Yoga, Gym
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Rachel Dillon Fitness Tips: Rachel Dillon is a 30 years old fitness instructor, model, and social media personality. The WBFF bikini world champion has an online training program known as Bodies by Rachel.

However, back in her early years, Rachel’s life was a far cry from what it looks like now. She felt unhappy with her figure despite religiously doing cardio.

It wasn’t until she found out that weight training was the way to go, that Rachel started seeing the progress she wanted.


Full Name:Rachel Dillon
Born:27 August 1993 (age 30 years old)
Birth Place:Australia
Boyfriend • Husband:In a Relationship
Occupation:Model • SM Personality
Net Worth:$400,000 – $5,000,000

Know the benefits of doing yoga from Rachel Dillon

People who do yoga do workouts with great patience, while people who do gym etc need instant results.

People who follow heavy exercise and dieting charts and do yoga are very different. People who do yoga do workouts with great patience, while people who do gym etc need instant results.

People who sweat it out in the gym think that yoga is a very easy thing to do but, in reality it is not so… believes fitness instructor, model, and social media personality Rachel Dillon.

Rachel Dillon.01

Tell that Rachel Dillon gives more importance to yoga and she says that it is an internal process but people consider it very easy and when they do it properly then they will understand what yoga really is! Let us know more benefits of yoga from Rachel Dillon –
yoga is difficult

Rachel Dillon said that I do both gym and yoga but mostly yoga is a part of my routine. Yoga works on your body from inside. And slowly you can see its effect.

Those who say that yoga is very easy, ask them to stand in one position for a long time, they will not be able to do it. After 10 to 12 breaths you will know how difficult it is. Many asanas look very easy but it takes people months to do them properly.

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There are other benefits of yoga

Rachel Dillon told us other benefits of yoga and said that yoga will never reduce your weight, but the difference of inches in your body is seen first and then when you continue to do it, then your weight is reduced.

Yoga is a slow process but has long term benefits. Gym doesn’t have cure for any of your ailments but Yoga has.

From skin glowing to increasing metabolism, you can get relief from many diseases like asthma, blood pressure.
Rachel Dillon told that she does yoga only 4 days a week and does gym or any exercise for 2 days. Apart from this, Rachel Dillon takes full care of her health by paying attention to eating and drinking a lot and getting enough sleep.

As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she drinks warm water mixed with honey and drinks a glass of warm milk before going to bed at night. For breakfast she eats poha, upma or oats and for lunch she likes to eat simple homemade food. Try to have dinner before 8 pm.

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Rachel Dillon follows this diet and workout plan to stay fit

Rachel Dillon practices bodyweight and strength training without weights to get a toned body. She also practices yoga daily. Rachel Dillon is not a gym freak and hates working out on machines.

She loves to indulge in outdoor activities including yoga. So whenever she gets some time, she does various cardio exercises.

Rachel Dillon Workout Routine

  • AM: Arms
  • AM: HIIT
  • AM: Legs
  • AM: Shoulders and core
  • AM: HIIT
  • PM: Back
  • AM: Legs
  • Active rest day

Full Body Workouts

There is one particular body part that Rachel likes to train the most, and that’s her lower body, more specifically her glutes.

Rachel uses a variety of ‘classic‘ movements such as the dead lift, squat, weighted kickbacks and hip thrusts as her main tools for building her athletic physique.

As for her upper body, Rachel likes to use lighter weight along with her own body weight. Some of the exercises she’ll use are pull ups, push ups, bicep curls and the shoulder press.

Apart form her lower and upper body, Rachel is known for having a strong and toned core. To create her strong midsection, she performs exercises such as hanging leg raises, and crunches.

Rachel Dillon loves to Zumba

Fitness Model Rachel Dillon loves to do Zumba. Let us tell you that Zumba is a cardio exercise in which it has some sessions with music. Its practice ensures full body exercise and is helpful in strengthening the muscles.

Additionally , It is also helpful in increasing physical flexibility and improving cardiovascular health.

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Rachel Dillon Follows Intermittent Fasting And Sometimes Keto

Rachel Dillon starts her day by drinking some water with lemon juice or black coffee. Also, she follows intermittent fasting. In this, she fasts for 16 hours and eats within eight hours of the day.

Rachel Dillon sometimes follows the keto diet along with her brother. This is a low-carb diet and in this a person usually has to consume 20-50 grams of carbs.

Rachel Dillon Follows Intermittent Fasting And Sometimes Keto

Rachel Dillon diet plan

Rachel Dillon prefers a classic Indian meal consisting of roti, sabzi and dal. When she is not fasting, she eats a handful of nuts, then has a salad for lunch. She avoids flour and refined sugar as much as possible.

  • 4 AM: Omelette (1 egg, 150g egg whites with mixed veg) and 100g brown rice, a black coffee and a greens supplement
  • Post-workout: protein pancakes (60g oats, a protein shake and 100g egg whites)
  • Lunch: 120g chicken breast, 80-100g brown rice and greens, and 30g cashews
  • Afternoon tea: 100g salmon, 100g sweet potato and 100g asparagus
  • Dinner: 100g beef mince, salad, and half an avocado
  • After dinner: Green tea

Rachel Dillon Share Diet Plan on Instagram

As some of you may have seen via my stories I am loving platters as of late and thought I would share a few of my faves with you! The perfect meal when you have no idea what you feel like, instead have a little bit of everything!

🥯Breakfast Egg Whites, Bagel + Fruit
– Lunch Shredded Chicken or Tuna Sourdough Crackers, Cowboy Caviar + Olives
🥗Dinner Chicken, Pita Bread, Tzatziki + Salad
🍓Dessert Strawberries, Marshmallows, Pretzels + Biscoff & Greek Yoghurt Dip

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