Elle Fanning Wore Oversized Bracelet As A Top Shines in Her Embellished Link Crop Top on the Red Carpet
Elle Fanning Wore Oversized Bracelet As A Top Shines in Her Embellished Link Crop Top on the Red Carpet
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Elle Fanning’s Daring Red Carpet Move: Rocking an Oversized Bracelet as a Top

Elle Fanning Wore Oversized Bracelet As A Top: The InStyle Awards, a gathering of Hollywood’s elite, recently unfolded, and as fashion enthusiasts, we couldn’t afford to blink, for fear of missing the sensational style statements that graced the event in Los Angeles.

Among the star-studded attendees, including luminaries like Kate Hudson, Lucy Hale, and Cindy Crawford, it was Elle Fanning who truly stole the show, leaving us in awe of her audacious fashion choice.

Elle Fanning’s Unconventional Elegance

While Elle Fanning is primarily celebrated for her prodigious acting talent, this time it was her sartorial selection that spoke volumes. The Hollywood actress donned a Balmain ensemble that was unlike anything we’ve witnessed on the red carpet before.

Her choice for the evening was an unconventional crop top, reminiscent of an oversized bracelet, with a shimmering gold link design. The chain elegantly enveloped her neck, creating a captivating halter neckline adorned with glistening stones. This bold choice is sure to catch the eye of those who aren’t typically inclined to wear traditional jewelry on their neck or fingers.

Elle paired this audacious top with a simple yet chic black maxi skirt, accentuating her washboard abs and showcasing her ability to effortlessly blend the bold with the understated.

A Statement Fit for Royalty

Elle Fanning didn’t stop at making a mere fashion statement; she made a regal proclamation. On the InStyle Awards red carpet, she dazzled once again, this time with a jaw-dropping gold, jewel-encrusted chain top. Fit for royalty, the piece added an undeniable air of grandeur to her ensemble.

With her lustrous blonde hair flowing straight, Elle chose to accentuate her look with punchy red lips, subtly tinted cheeks, and a matching manicure adorned with metallic rings on her fingers.

In a world where fashion often screams for attention, Elle’s outfit managed to strike that perfect balance between making a statement and exuding subtlety.

Conclusion of World Women Portal

Elle Fanning’s fearless and unconventional fashion choices have once again elevated her to the status of a style icon. Her decision to wear an oversized bracelet as a top at the InStyle Awards demonstrates her willingness to challenge the norms of the red carpet and embrace the extraordinary.

In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, Elle Fanning has showcased that true elegance knows no boundaries and is limited only by the bounds of one’s imagination.

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