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Gatita Yan - Chinese-Malaysian Model (颜颜) @Gatitayan777
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Gatita Yan (颜颜) Biography and Contact Details: Welcome to the comprehensive biography and contact details of Gatita Yan (颜颜), a multi-talented new generation artist, DJ, actor, graphic model, violin player, and internet celebrity. In this article, you will find all the essential information about Gatita Yan (颜颜), including her background, achievements, and career highlights.

As you scroll down, we will provide you with a detailed overview of Gatita Yan (颜颜)’s life and career, covering aspects such as her biography, age, date of birth, education, net worth, height, weight, body measurements, family, relationships, career milestones, filmography, as well as captivating HD photos and wallpapers.

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Gatita Yan (颜颜) Wiki / Biography

Let’s delve deeper into the life and career of Gatita Yan, a prominent fashion model and social influencer from China. Gatita Yan, also known as Tong Lee Yann, gained recognition when she represented Singapore in the Top 100 Female DJs in Asia in 2016.

She has achieved notable rankings in the DJane Top 100 DJs in the world, securing the 58th position in 2021, and she is ranked 6th in the top 100 DJs in Asia. Gatita Yan is currently actively involved in Taiwan’s major variety shows, where she serves as a program assistant host.

Hailing from Malaysia, Gatita Yan, often referred to as the “airplane goddess” by netizens, is also the first online shop owner in Malaysia to specialize in selling sex toys.

Alongside her entrepreneurial endeavors, she possesses an angelic face coupled with a captivating figure, earning her immense popularity on platforms like Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG). Her provocative and bold photos and videos shared on social media have further contributed to her fame.

Gatita Yan Biography, Wiki, Bra Size, Chinese-Malaysian Model (颜颜) @Gatitayan777

Gatita Yan was born on October 26, 1992, in Shah Alam, China. As of 2023, she is 30 years old. Her alluring presence and multifaceted career have solidified her status as one of the most renowned fashion models in Malaysia.

Real NameGatita Yan (颜颜)
ProfessionModel, Model, Social Influencer
Birth PlaceShah Alam, China
Date Of Birth26th of October, 1992
HometownKuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Physical Appearance of Gatita Yan (颜颜) China Super Model

Gatita Yan (颜颜) body measurements, dress size, shoe size, Height and Weight are not Known yet but we will update soon.

Height in Feet5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight in Kilograms54 KG

Yan is hot, beautiful, and an amazing Personality. She is also known for her nickname Tong Lee Yann. The girl never opens up anything related to her friends and family but If she does, we will let you know. Yan is a fitness freak and loves to expose her body. She’s approx 5’ft and 4’inches tall and her body weight is around 54 kgs.

Body Size36-26-34
Shoes Size6
Eye ColorBlack
Body BuildCurvy Figure

Her body figure shape is approx 36-26-34 (Bust-36, Waist-26, and Hips-34 in inches). Yan also shared her workout videos on social media.

Gatita Yan Life Journey

Unveiling my untold past…

How did my journey into selling airplane cups begin? It started with hesitation but gradually evolved into a driving force for starting my own business! Initially, my goal was simply to earn some money for myself, but it soon transformed into a mission to help those around me succeed financially as well.

The first customer who believed in me and purchased airplane cups has paved the way for over 30,000 customers to date. Throughout this journey, there were moments of struggle and sacrifice, and when I reflect upon it, I am filled with deep gratitude. 🙏🏼❤️

Now, I no longer wish to walk this path alone. I aspire to build my own team, where we can work hard together, overcome challenges together, explore the world together, share happiness, and achieve financial success as a collective unit. I am grateful to Candy for entering my life, for eradicating my solitude, illuminating my path, and enhancing everything I possess, while continuing to pursue my dreams with unwavering determination! 🦋🦋

I have made the decision to embark on my second entrepreneurial venture, aiming to educate and empower more individuals to attain financial prosperity! My purpose is clear: when I reach the age of 50, I want to look back and express immense gratitude to those who are tirelessly striving towards their goals right now. Come on, let’s keep pushing forward!✨


Gatita Yan’s journey has been marked by notable achievements and experiences:

  • In 2016, she had the honor of representing Singapore in Asia’s Top 100 Female DJs, a prestigious recognition within the electronic music industry.
  • During the same year, Gatita Yan participated in an electronic music festival organized by a Singapore fashion TV platform. Her presence at the event garnered significant media attention, with the media dubbing her as a new generation Internet celebrity.
  • In 2020, Gatita Yan ventured into the realm of digital photography and released a collection of captivating works under the same name. This marked her debut in Taiwan, where she currently thrives in the entertainment industry.
  • Presently, Gatita Yan actively engages in various Taiwanese variety shows and serves as an assistant host for location programs, contributing to the vibrant entertainment landscape of Taiwan.

These experiences have shaped Gatita Yan’s career, propelling her forward and solidifying her status as a talented and multi-faceted individual in the entertainment world.

Gatita Yan @Gatitayan777 Beauty Secrets, Daily Routine, Gym Schedule & Diet Chart

Gatita Yan (颜颜) follows a well-rounded approach to her beauty and fitness routine. Here are some insights into her regimen:

Beauty Secrets:

  • Gatita Yan emphasizes the importance of taking care of her skin. She believes in keeping her skin hydrated and nourished, and therefore starts her day by drinking 3-4 glasses of warm water in the morning.
  • She also incorporates boiled eggs and fruits into her morning meal, which provide essential nutrients and contribute to her radiant complexion.
  • To maintain a healthy and glowing appearance, Gatita Yan follows a skincare routine tailored to her needs, ensuring proper cleansing, moisturizing, and protection from the sun.

Daily Routine:

  • Gatita Yan dedicates time to both her professional commitments and personal well-being. She manages her schedule efficiently to balance work and leisure activities.
  • Being an active participant in Taiwan’s entertainment industry, she engages in various projects, including variety shows and hosting location programs.
  • Outside of work, Gatita Yan values personal time for relaxation, pursuing hobbies, and spending quality moments with loved ones.

Gym Schedule:

  • To stay fit and energized, Gatita Yan incorporates a combination of cardio exercises and yoga into her workout routine.
  • She favors activities like treadmill sprints, spin classes, and yoga, which not only help her maintain physical fitness but also provide mental relaxation and rejuvenation.

Diet Chart:

  • Gatita Yan follows a balanced and nutritious diet to support her overall well-being.
  • Her breakfast usually consists of cereals, oatmeal, boiled eggs, and fruits, providing a mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins.
  • For lunch, she opts for grilled vegetables, legumes, and green salads, ensuring a healthy intake of fiber and essential nutrients.
  • In the evening, Gatita Yan avoids rice and instead includes lean sources of protein, such as Chinese chicken, in her dinner. This aligns with her preference for an Asian balanced diet.

By prioritizing skincare, maintaining an active lifestyle, and following a well-balanced diet, Gatita Yan takes a holistic approach to her beauty, fitness, and overall well-being.

Family & Relationship, Love Afraid, Boyfriend of Gatita Yan (颜颜)

Born in Johor, Malaysia, he has a passion and love for music and performance since childhood. At the school stage, he paid attention to and learned about the related information of graphic models, and started performing as graphic models in 2012.

Father NameMr. Yan
Mother NameMrs. Yan
Brothers NameN/A
Sisters NameN/A

Education of Gatita Yan (颜颜) Malaysian Super Model

School NameSri Desa International Secondary School
College NameUniversity logo Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL)
University NameUniversity of Kuala Lumpur

Favourite Things of Gatita Yan @Gatitayan777

ActorsLi Yifeng
ModelDilraba Dilmurat
MoviesThe Battle at Lake Changjin
PlacesGreat Wall of China

Net Worth & Income of Gatita Yan (颜颜) Chinese Model

Gatita Yan (颜颜) primary income source is Model. Currently We do not have enough information about his family, relationships, childhood etc. We will update soon all about his Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles etc.

Net Worth$10 Million To $30 Million (Approximate)
Monthly Salary50000 USD To 70000 USD (Approximate)

Career and Achievements of Gatita Yan – Tong Lee Yann:-

Gatita Yan, also known as Tong Lee Yann, embarked on her career by sharing her photos on social media platforms in 2017. Her captivating videos and photos quickly gained traction, becoming viral sensations on popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

With her alluring presence and engaging content, Yan has amassed a substantial following across various social media channels. She has garnered millions of followers who eagerly follow her updates and appreciate her unique style.

In addition to her online presence, Yan is an enterprising individual and owns an online store where she offers a range of products, including toys. Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her venture, which showcases her versatility beyond her online persona.

Furthermore, Yan has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous renowned brands and be featured in notable advertisements. Her association with these prominent entities has further elevated her profile and expanded her reach.

As Gatita Yan continues to make strides in her career, there will be regular updates regarding her endeavors and accomplishments. Her dedicated fan base can look forward to witnessing her growth and further successes in the future.


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Chinese Model Gatita Yan (颜颜) Picture Collection, Photo Gallery, Video, IGTV, Images, Shooting, Modeling Studio

Gatita Yan gained significant attention and recognition when her captivating photos spread like wildfire across social media platforms. Her stunning visuals and charismatic presence have made her a popular figure and a sought-after social influencer. With a massive following of devoted fans, known as “Yan Lovers,” she has amassed a substantial online presence.

On Instagram alone, Gatita Yan boasts an impressive following of over 3.2 million dedicated followers who eagerly await her latest updates and stunning visuals. Her profile serves as a treasure trove of captivating pictures, showcasing her modeling prowess and charismatic aura.

Additionally, Gatita Yan’s photo gallery captures her diverse range of styles and looks, reflecting her versatility as a model. From glamorous shoots to creative projects, her images exude a distinct charm and captivate the viewer’s attention.

Furthermore, Gatita Yan’s engaging presence extends beyond static images. Her collection of videos and IGTV content offers a glimpse into her dynamic personality and modeling expertise. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes footage or curated clips, her videos provide an immersive experience for her followers.

Gatita Yan’s modeling studio serves as a hub for her creative endeavors. It is where she collaborates with talented photographers, stylists, and designers to produce visually stunning and impactful imagery. Her studio becomes the backdrop for her modeling ventures, allowing her to bring her artistic vision to life.

To delve deeper into Gatita Yan’s captivating world and discover more about her remarkable journey, continue reading this blog article.

Gatita Yan – DJ and Music Awards

Gatita Yan’s exceptional talent as a DJ has garnered her recognition and accolades in the music industry. Her achievements include:

  • Winner of the Top 100 Female DJs in Asia in 2016.
  • Ranked 87th in the Top 100 Female DJs in Asia in 2018.
  • Listed as No. 47 in Asia’s Top 50 Female DJs in 2019.
  • Featured in the Asia Pacific Top 25 Female DJs in 2019.
  • Secured the 2nd position in Singapore’s Best Female DJ List in 2019.
  • Ranked 58th in the prestigious DJane Top 100 DJs in the world in 2020.
  • Achieved the 6th position in Asia’s Top 100 DJs in 2020.

Beauty Pageant Experience

Aside from her accomplishments as a DJ, Gatita Yan has also showcased her beauty and talent in beauty pageants, leaving an indelible mark in the industry. Her beauty pageant journey includes:

  • Miss Glamour Germany 2018.
  • Miss Talent Asia 2019.
  • Miss Glamour Model 2019.

Graphic works

2020Cool NewsCool Girl interviews Lan Xinglei! Someone actually OX directly at the performance site!
2020Apple DailyInterview with Lan Xinglei
2020Mirror WeeklySearch Mirror” Top 100 DJs broadcast bath photos, Lan Xinglei tried to eat New Year’s goods to provoke uncle
2020PCHomecover character
2020Nova Magazinecover character

Some Interesting & Unknown Facts About Gatita Yan (颜颜)

Yan does not smoke but drinks.
Her hair colour is Brown and eye colour is Black.
Yan’s Zodiac Sign is Scorpio.
Her hobbies are modeling and shopping.

Gatita Yan (颜颜) is a Pet Lover.
Gatita Yan (颜颜) loves to watching romantic Movies and Listening Music.
She has huge massive fan following on Instagram.
Gatita Yan (颜颜) loves to Thai Fashion.
She has strong faith in God.

Chinese Model Gatita Yan @Gatitayan777 Phone Number, Contact Address, House Address, Email Id, Line ID, Bigo TV Live Link, Skype ID, SnapChat ID for Paid Promotion

Chinese Model Gatita Yan (颜颜) Phone Number, Contact Address, House Address, Email Id details. Famous Model Gatita Yan (颜颜) contact address detail information. We are going to sharing some answers of people frequently ask questions such as, how to contact Gatita Yan (颜颜)?,

what is email Id of Gatita Yan (颜颜)?, what is phone number of Gatita Yan (颜颜)? her personal contact number, office address etc. Today in this article we clear about Model Gatita Yan (颜颜) all contact process with verified resources.

Popular Chinese Model Gatita Yan (颜颜) Social Media Pages like her official Instagram Handle, Twitter Account, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel link is available here.

Chinese Model Gatita Yan (颜颜) WhatsApp Number, WeChat ID, Email, Active Phone Number, Live Location, Office Address for Collaboration – Your Business Promotion with Photo shoot with Beautiful Model/Model/girls

We are also providing Model Gatita Yan (颜颜) residence address, website address, fax number, Telephone number, hometown & more.

House AddressKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone Number+60 12-284 7120
Email Id[email protected] (Not Sure, DM for collaboration)
Home TownShah Alam, China
ResidenceKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Whatsapp Number+60 17-246 8227
Telephone Number+60 12-284 7120

Social Media Accounts of Gatita Yan @Gatitayan777 Chinese Model

Gatita Yan is a popular social media personality with a strong presence on various platforms. On Instagram, her account @gatitayan777 boasts an impressive following of 3.2 million dedicated fans. She captivates her audience with captivating photos and engaging content.

On Facebook, Gatita Yan maintains an active presence through her official account @gatitayannofficial, along with her Facebook meta page named Gatita Yan. She has gathered a substantial following of 146,000 followers and 102,000 page likes, where she shares updates and interacts with her fans.

On Twitter, Gatita Yan can be found under the username @gatitayan77, where she has amassed a loyal following of 101.4k followers. Her Twitter account serves as a platform for her to share her thoughts, experiences, and connect with her followers.

Gatita Yan is also active on TikTok, where her official account @gatita_yan has gained a significant following of 66,000 followers and received over 99,000 likes. Her entertaining videos showcase her unique style and personality, captivating viewers from around the world.

In addition to her presence on social media, Gatita Yan runs a YouTube channel under the name Gatita Yan @GatitaYan777, which has attracted 29.8K subscribers. Her channel features a variety of content, including vlogs, music, and behind-the-scenes footage, allowing her fans to get a closer look into her life.

Furthermore, Gatita Yan maintains a Telegram channel with the handle @gatitayanofficial, which boasts a dedicated community of 35,000+ members. Through this channel, she shares exclusive content, updates, and engages with her followers in a more private setting.

Gatita Yan’s active presence on these platforms has garnered her a strong and dedicated fanbase, allowing her to connect with her followers and share her passion and creativity with the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gatita Yan (颜颜)

Does Gatita Yan (颜颜) know cooking ?


Does Gatita Yan (颜颜) smoke ?


Does Gatita Yan (颜颜) drink alcohol ?


Does Gatita Yan (颜颜) go to the gym ?


Who is the Boyfriend or Husband of Gatita Yan (颜颜) ?


Where is Gatita Yan (颜颜) from ?

What is Gatita Yan (颜颜) famous for ?

She is DJ artist and Attractive Figure

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