Top 10 Slovenian Instagram Models You Should Follow Sexiest Influencers in Slovenia (Europe)
Top 10 Slovenian Instagram Models You Should Follow Sexiest Influencers in Slovenia (Europe)

Slovenian Instagram Models: Welcome to our curated list of the ‘Top 10 Highest Followers Slovenian Instagram Models, Actresses, Rising Stars, TikTok Stars, Internet Personalities, and Swimsuit Models from Slovenia, Europe.’

In today’s digital age, social media has become a powerful platform for individuals to showcase their talents, share their stories, and connect with a global audience.

Slovenia, a beautiful European country, is no exception to this trend, and it has produced a remarkable array of influencers and personalities who have garnered significant followings on various social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

About Slovenian Girls?

Slovenian girls and women are known for their unique blend of qualities and characteristics:

  1. Bilingual Prowess: Many Slovenian girls are fluent in multiple languages, often including English, due to the country’s multilingual environment.
  2. Natural Beauty: Slovenian women are often celebrated for their natural beauty, with a preference for a healthy and active lifestyle.
  3. Strong Work Ethic: They have a reputation for being hardworking and diligent, valuing both education and professional success.
  4. Warm and Welcoming: Slovenians are generally known for their hospitality and friendliness, making visitors feel at home.
  5. Cultural Richness: Slovenian girls take pride in their country’s rich cultural heritage, and they often engage in traditional customs and celebrations.
  6. Outdoor Enthusiasts: With breathtaking landscapes at their doorstep, many Slovenian girls enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and cycling.
  7. Independent Spirits: Slovenian women tend to be independent and self-reliant, with a strong sense of individuality.
  8. Family-Oriented: Family holds a central place in Slovenian culture, and girls often have close-knit relationships with their relatives.
  9. Artistic Flair: Slovenia has a vibrant arts scene, and many girls and women are involved in various forms of artistic expression.
  10. Progressive Outlook: Slovenian society has a progressive stance on gender equality, with women actively participating in all aspects of public and private life.

List of Top 10 Highest Followers Slovenian Instagram Models, Actress, Rising Star, TikTok Star, Internet Personality, Swimsuit Models from Slovenia, Europe

In this article, we delve into the world of Slovenian talent that has taken the internet by storm. From fashion icons to emerging stars, these individuals have not only captivated their local audience but have also gained international recognition for their charisma, creativity, and unique style.

Join us on a journey through the profiles of these exceptional individuals as we explore their achievements, aesthetics, and the impact they’ve made in the world of social media.

Whether you’re an avid follower or new to the scene, this list offers a glimpse into the captivating world of Slovenian social media sensations who are making waves across the globe.

So, let’s get started and discover the top influencers and models that Slovenia has to offer!

S. No.Most Famous Slovenian Instagram ModelsSlovenia Influencers Instagram Account NameFollowers of Influencers in Slovenia
1Janja Garnbret@janja_garnbret554K
2.Alesia Aleksandra Britan@aleksandra_britan_182K
3Anja Jenko@anjajenko142K
4Patricia Pangeršič@patricia_pangersic131K
5Nika Zorjan@nikazorjan118K
6Sara Vidovič@vidovicsara118K
7Lea Filipovic@lepaafna118K
8Natalija Verboten@natalijaverboten100K
9Nina Pušlar@ninapuslar105K
10Tatjana Tutan Lenard@tatjanatutanlenard94.7K

1. Janja Garnbret

  • Instagram: @janja_garnbret
  • Followers: 554K
  • Occupations: rock climber, Sport Model

Janja Garnbret, the Slovenian sensation, Instagram Model, has elevated rock climbing to an art form with her exceptional skills and groundbreaking achievements. Born on March 12, 1999, in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, she emerged as a climbing prodigy at a young age.

Her most iconic feat was winning the gold medal in Sport Climbing at the 2020 Summer Olympics, making her the first-ever female Olympic gold medalist in climbing.

Janja Garnbret Slovenia's Social Stars: Top 10 Instagram Models and Rising Icons
Janja Garnbret Slovenia’s Social Stars: Top 10 Instagram Models and Rising Icons

Beyond the Olympics, Janja’s name is synonymous with victory, having secured eight IFSC World Championships, a record-breaking accomplishment that solidifies her status as one of the sport’s all-time greats.

She stands out not only for her gold medals but also for her pioneering spirit, being the first female climber to onsight an 8c (5.14b) route. Janja Garnbret’s ascent in the world of climbing continues to inspire and redefine what’s possible in this exhilarating discipline.

  • Born: 12 March 1999, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
  • Height: 1.64 m
  • Nationality: Slovenian
  • Parents: Darja Garnbret, Vili Garnbret
  • Gold medal: Sport climbing at the 2020 Summer Olympics – Women’s combined
  • Education: Šolski center Velenje (2018)

2. Alesia Aleksandra Britan

Alesia Aleksandra Britan is a multifaceted personality hailing, Influencers in Slovenia from the charming city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. With a passion for storytelling and an eye for style, she has carved her niche as a prominent blogger and influencer. As the founder of MMG and a proud member of the World Team Herbalife, Alesia’s dedication to health and wellness shines through her online presence.

Beyond her digital ventures, she wears the crown of Chief Editor at MODNY DOM, where her editorial prowess takes center stage. A creative stylist at heart, Alesia has an innate ability to curate ensembles that exude elegance and individuality.

Alesia Aleksandra Britan The Influence of Beauty: Top 12 Highest-Followed Slovenian Actresses
Alesia Aleksandra Britan The Influence of Beauty: Top 12 Highest-Followed Slovenian Actresses

Her Instagram account, @aleksandra_britan_, boasts an impressive following of 182K devoted followers, a testament to her impact in the realm of fashion and lifestyle. Alesia’s journey on Instagram began in January 2013, and since then, she has not only captivated her audience but also cultivated a community that shares her passions.

Alesia is not just a blogger; she’s a connoisseur of words and wisdom, often found immersed in the pages of a good book. Her love for yoga transcends the physical, serving as a source of mental and spiritual nourishment.

Beyond the digital sphere, she’s a regular contributor to modeling magazines, sharing her insights and perspectives with the world.

Nature is her sanctuary, and Alesia’s travels to breathtaking natural destinations are a testament to her love for the great outdoors. With her camera in hand, she invites her followers to join her on journeys that showcase the beauty of our planet.

In a world filled with influencers, Alesia Aleksandra Britan stands out as a beacon of authenticity, intellect, and creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of blogging, wellness, and fashion.

3. Anja Jenko

  • Instagram: @anjajenko
  • Followers: 142K
  • Occupations: Internet Personality

Anja Jenko, a captivating internet personality, Slovenian Influencers on Instagram, transcends the digital realm with her diverse interests and pursuits. As a public figure, she weaves a tapestry of beauty, fashion, and travel on her digital canvas. Nestled in the heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Anja embraces the roles of a devoted mommy and a wanderlust-driven traveler.

With 142K followers on her Instagram account, @anjajenko, since March 2012, Anja offers a glimpse into her adventures, capturing the beauty of the places she explores. Her feed is a mosaic of scenic landscapes, bikini-clad escapades, and heartwarming moments shared with her adorable son, presented through stunning photography.

Anja Jenko Rising on TikTok: The Top 15 Slovenian TikTok Stars with Massive Followings - Slovenian Instagram Models
Anja Jenko Rising on TikTok: The Top 15 Slovenian TikTok Stars with Massive Followings

Anja’s attractive fitness journey inspires her followers, as she showcases a dedication to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Her physique serves as a testament to her commitment to wellness.

Beyond her personal endeavors, Anja collaborates with various brands and products, from Kerastase’s Magic Night Serum to Dean Dubokovič and sportswear shops. Her endorsements reflect her discerning taste and influential presence in the fashion and beauty industry.

In her digital journey, Anja is also associated with @tetkanina, where her influence extends into diverse realms. Anja Jenko’s online persona is a blend of beauty, adventure, and authenticity, captivating audiences as she navigates the ever-evolving world of the internet.

4. Patricia Pangeršič

Patricia Pangeršič, a prominent public figure, stands as a licensed personal trainer, specializing in empowering individuals on their fitness journeys. Her expertise extends to expectant mothers and postpartum fitness, embodying a commitment to holistic well-being.

As the driving force behind the program @fit_akademija, she’s set to launch FA11 this September, promising transformative fitness experiences.

With over 131,000 devoted followers, Patricia has solidified her status as an Instagram star and fitness instructor. Her content encompasses a dynamic array of fitness-related insights, from workout techniques to training routines, captivating the fitness enthusiast community.

Patricia Pangeršič Digital Divas: Top 7 Internet Personalities from Slovenia with Big Audiences
Patricia Pangeršič Digital Divas: Top 7 Internet Personalities from Slovenia with Big Audiences

Beyond her digital presence, Patricia holds the esteemed title of a certified personal trainer, exemplifying her dedication to the craft.

Patricia’s influence extends beyond the screen, as she graced the cover of Lisa Magazine in April 2016, showcasing her impact on the fashion and fitness worlds. Notably, she serves as a brand ambassador for Polleo Sport, a testament to her alignment with reputable brands in the fitness industry.

Her digital footprint also extends to Facebook, where her Patricia Pangersic page, @patriciapangersic1, boasts a following of 51,000 dedicated fans. Born on November 17, 1994, under the Scorpio zodiac sign in the heart of Slovenia, Patricia Pangeršič is a beacon of fitness inspiration and empowerment for her global audience.

5. Nika Zorjan

  • Instagram: @nikazorjan
  • Followers: 118K
  • Occupations: Singer & Songwriters

Nika Zorjan, the Slovenian sensation, Slovenian Influencers on Instagram born on December 3, 1992, in the charming village of Petanjci near Murska Sobota, is a versatile singer and prolific songwriter.

Her musical roots trace back to her family, with her grandfather Leopold serenading with the accordion, and her father Janez strumming the guitar as part of the renowned Slovenian band Nova Legija.

Nika’s musical journey kicked off in 2010 when she showcased her talents on the inaugural season of “Slovenija ima talent,” the Slovenian counterpart of “Got Talent.”

Nika Zorjan Slovenian Beach Beauties: The Top 20 Swimsuit Models on Instagram | Slovenian Instagram Models
Nika Zorjan Slovenian Beach Beauties: The Top 20 Swimsuit Models on Instagram

This led to her signing with Raay Music, the record label of the esteemed Slovene duo, Maraaya. Her debut single, “Čas za nas,” released in 2012 and composed by Maraaya, marked the beginning of her illustrious career.

In 2013, her single “Nasmeh življenja” soared to prominence, becoming one of the most-played tracks on Slovenian radio in both 2013 and 2014.

Nika Zorjan’s connection to the Eurovision Song Contest is notable, as she made several attempts to represent Slovenia in 2012, 2017, and 2018, showcasing her passion for sharing her music on an international stage.

She also lent her talents as a backing vocalist for the Slovenian act in 2014 and 2015, contributing to the nation’s musical presence on the global platform. Nika’s captivating voice and unwavering dedication continue to enchant audiences, making her an iconic figure in the Slovenian music scene.

  • Born: 3 December 1992, Murska Sobota, Slovenia
  • Parents: Janez Zorjan, Lidija Zorjan
  • Siblings: Eva Zorjan
  • Education: Faculty of Education (2016), Glasbena šola Murska Sobota
  • Albums: Od začetka
  • Instrument(s): Vocals

6. Sara Vidovič

  • Instagram: @vidovicsara 
  • Followers: 118K
  • Occupations: Influencers

Sara Vidovič, the Slovenian Instagram influencer, has made her mark as a digital trendsetter. With an impressive following of 118K on her Instagram account, @vidovicsara, since joining in September 2013, she has become a notable platform for brand and product promotions.

Sara’s posts take her followers on a journey to breathtaking destinations, including Brač, Alpendorf, Ellmau, Caorle, Grado, and Grossarl, revealing her love for travel and adventure.

Sara Vidovič Instagram Sensations: Slovenia's Top 25 Most Followed Models
Sara Vidovič Instagram Sensations: Slovenia’s Top 25 Most Followed Models

Her feed is not just a showcase of picturesque landscapes but also a testament to her collaborations with esteemed brands such as Pixi Beauty.

Sara’s wanderlust has led her to diverse locations, from Valencia to Jochberg, Leogang, and beyond. She has also explored luxury accommodations, sharing her experiences in renowned hotels from Split to London, Milan, and Vienna, including the Hilton Rijeka.

Sara Vidovič’s Instagram presence is a fusion of wanderlust, fashion, and lifestyle, offering her audience a glimpse into her globetrotting adventures and her chic style, making her a sought-after influencer in the world of social media.

7. Lea Filipovic

  • Instagram: @lepaafna
  • Followers: 118K
  • Occupations: Internet Personality

Lea Filipovic, a renowned public figure, Slovenian Influencers on Instagram and the creative force behind @lalabylepaafna, is a dynamic presence in the world of Slovenian vlogging. Born on March 16, 1991, in the picturesque town of Kranj, Slovenia, Lea’s intellectual foundation is rooted in her education at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.

Lea Filipovic Acting Up: The Top 20 Actresses in Slovenia with Impressive Followings
Lea Filipovic Acting Up: The Top 20 Actresses in Slovenia with Impressive Followings

Her influence extends far and wide, marked by her nomination for the prestigious “Žaromet za spletno zvezdo leta.” On Instagram, Lea is a captivating storyteller, sharing her experiences with various makeup brands, travel adventures, and an array of products that resonate with her vibrant and engaged audience.

As a multifaceted content creator and entrepreneur, Lea Filipovic continues to leave an indelible mark, combining her creative flair with her passion for beauty, travel, and beyond. For inquiries, contact her at 📧[email protected], and join her on a journey of exploration and inspiration.

  • Born: 16 March 1991, Kranj, Slovenia
  • Education: Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
  • Nominations: Žaromet za spletno zvezdo leta

8. Natalija Verboten

Natalija Verboten, the celebrated Slovenian music sensation, Influencers in Slovenia was born on December 12, 1976, in Slovenj Gradec. Her musical journey began in folk music, where she showcased her talents in various ensembles, including the Rokondo Quintet and her father’s group, Dan in noč.

In 1996, Natalija ventured into the world of pop music, releasing her first independent album, “Ko zaprem oči.” Her collaboration with the talented duo Vlašič led to her participation in the Emmy competition with their song “Nekdo.”

A defining moment in her career arrived in 1998 when she won the audience’s choice at the Vesela jesen festival with “Ne budi me.” This marked the beginning of her independent musical journey, and her fame continued to rise.

Natalija Verboten Trending on TikTok: Slovenia's Top 15 Rising Stars on the Platform
Natalija Verboten Trending on TikTok: Slovenia’s Top 15 Rising Stars on the Platform

Natalija’s impressive catalog of hits includes tracks like “Red Ferrari,” “Zate na Triglav,” “Two policemen,” “Obriši sline,” “Forget me,” and “Spomni se,” among others.

She also made a mark in television, serving as a presenter on Television Slovenia and winning a lawsuit for copyright infringement in 2016.

In 2018, after a hiatus, she made a triumphant return with the song “Part of my heart,” and in 2019, she was rightfully honored with the title of “femme fatale of the year,” recognizing her as one of Slovenia’s most influential women.

Natalija Verboten’s remarkable journey through music and media continues to inspire and entertain audiences, making her a beloved figure in Slovenian culture.

  • Born: 12 December 1976, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
  • Spouse: Dejan Bojič (m. 2008)
  • Children: Max Bojić

9. Nina Pušlar

  • Instagram: @ninapuslar
  • Followers: 105K
  • Occupations: singer-songwriter

Nina Pušlar, the Slovenian singer-songwriter, Instagram Influencers in Slovenia, was born on October 25, 1988, in Ivančna Gorica, Slovenia. Her musical journey began with a resounding victory in the Bitke talentov 2005 contest, leading to the release of her debut album, “Nina Pušlar,” in 2006.

Nina’s talent and dedication also brought her to the forefront of Slovenian music competitions. In EMA 2010, she secured second place with her song “Dež,” narrowly missing out on the opportunity to represent Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest. Undeterred, she released her second album, “Slečeno srce.”

Nina Pušlar Web Wonders: The Top 100 Internet Personalities from Slovenia
Nina Pušlar Web Wonders: The Top 100 Internet Personalities from Slovenia

In subsequent years, Nina continued to make her mark in the music scene with albums like “Med vrsticami” in 2011 and “Nekje vmes” in 2013. Her versatility was further highlighted when she participated in “Slovenska popevka 2012” and secured second place with the song “Kdo še verjame.”

Her musical journey has been marked by continuous growth and innovation, culminating in her latest album, “Nina, Nina, Nina,” released in 2022. Nina Pušlar’s melodious voice and songwriting prowess continue to enchant audiences, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in Slovenian music.

  • Born: 25 October 1988, Ivančna Gorica, Slovenia
  • Education: Stična Primary School, Srednja šola Josipa Jurčiča Ivančna Gorica, GEA College – Faculty of Entrepreneurship
  • Albums: Nina, Nina, Nina, #Malodrugace, Nina Puslar, Sleceno Srce, Nina, Med Vrsticami
  • Siblings: Miha Pušlar

10. Tatjana Tutan Lenard

Tatjana Tutan Lenard, known for her association with the small Pomeranian kennel “Silver Star Poms” in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a notable presence in the world of canine enthusiasts. Her love for these furry companions shines through her work as a brand ambassador for @jeankoute_munich.

Tatjana Tutan Lenard Slovenian Shorelines: Exploring the Top 20 Swimsuit Models on Instagram
Tatjana Tutan Lenard Slovenian Shorelines: Exploring the Top 20 Swimsuit Models on Instagram

In a beautiful chapter of her life, she tied the knot with her partner Dan Lenard on October 4, 2021, marking the beginning of a new journey together.

Tatjana’s academic pursuits led her to the UP Fakulteta za turistične študije Turistica, where she studied from 2004 to 2008, gaining valuable insights into the world of tourism.

Currently residing in the charming city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Tatjana Tutan Lenard seamlessly balances her passion for Pomeranians with her life’s adventures.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) of Top 7 Instagram Influencers in Slovenia

Who are the Top 10 Highest Followers Slovenian Instagram Models?

A: The list of the Top 10 Highest Followers Slovenian Instagram Models, Actresses, Rising Stars, TikTok Stars, Internet Personalities, and Swimsuit Models includes:
Janja Garnbret
Alesia Aleksandra Britan
Anja Jenko
Patricia Pangeršič
Nika Zorjan
Sara Vidovič
Lea Filipovic
Natalija Verboten
Nina Pušlar
Tatjana Tutan Lenard

What type of content do these Instagram Influencers in Slovenia typically share on Instagram?

They share a diverse range of content, including fashion and style posts, travel adventures, fitness journeys, beauty tips, behind-the-scenes glimpses into their lives, and endorsements of various brands and products.

How have these influencers contributed to the fashion and beauty industries in Slovenia and Europe?

These influencers have played a significant role in shaping trends, introducing new beauty products, and showcasing fashion styles, making them influential figures in the fashion and beauty scenes.

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