List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Qatari Actresses | Hottest Qatar Women | Stunning Youngest Doha Girls, Swimsuit Models from Middle East
List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Qatari Actresses | Hottest Qatar Women | Stunning Youngest Doha Girls, Swimsuit Models from Middle East
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Most Beautiful Qatar Actresses/Women: Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Qatar is known for its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and a thriving film industry that has produced some of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the region.

In this exclusive showcase, we bring you the “Top 10 Most Beautiful Qatar Actresses.” These women not only possess breathtaking beauty but have also made their mark on the global entertainment stage, representing the best of Qatari talent.

From captivating performances on the silver screen to their striking presence at international events, these Qatari actresses are not just talented; they redefine elegance and grace. Join us on a journey to explore the lives and careers of these exceptional women who have not only graced the big screen but have also become cultural icons in their own right.

As we delve into the world of these remarkable actresses, you’ll discover the intersection of beauty, talent, and cultural significance. Get ready to be enchanted by their charm, inspired by their accomplishments, and, of course, captivated by their undeniable allure.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Qatari Actresses | Hottest Qatar Women | Stunning Youngest Doha Girls, Swimsuit Models from Middle East

Doha, Ar Rayyan, Umm Salal Muhammad, Al Wakrah, Al Khawr – these are the vibrant cities of Qatar, where remarkable women have blossomed and made their mark in diverse fields. From actresses and singers to politicians, celebrities, and sports stars, Qatari women have shone brightly in every arena.

In this captivating article, we embark on a journey through the lives of the “Top 10 Most Beautiful Qatar Actresses/Women.” We’ll provide you with a treasure trove of details, including their Birthdates, places of origin, biographies, careers, lifestyles, exclusive pictures, social media links, and much more.

These women are not only incredibly talented but also embody the essence of beauty and elegance, reflecting the spirit of Qatar. Their stories are a testament to the empowerment and achievements of women in the Middle East.

So, let’s dive into this enchanting collection of profiles, celebrating the achievements, grace, and allure of these extraordinary Qatari women who have left an indelible impression on the world. Let’s start!

1. Venus Raj

  • Instagram: @onlyvenusraj
  • Followers: 304K
  • Occupations: Actress, Model, and Beauty Pageant titleholder

Maria Venus Bayonito Raj, born on July 7, 1988, is a renowned Filipino actress, model, and beauty pageant titleholder. She achieved the prestigious title of Binibining Pilipinas Universe in 2010, earning her the honor of representing the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant.

Venus Raj, born on July 7, 1988, was crowned Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2010 and represented the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant where she placed 4th Runner-Up. - Most Beautiful Qatar Women
Venus Raj, a Filipino & Qatari actress and beauty pageant titleholder
NameVenus Raj
Full NameMaria Venus Bayonito Raj
Born7 July 1988
Birth PlaceDoha, Qatar
Height1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
ParentsEsther Bayonito
AwardsPMPC Star Awards for TV Best Morning Show Host
EducationUniversity of the Philippines Diliman, Bicol University, Daraga Campus
Beauty pageant titleholderMiss Philippines Eco Tourism 2008Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2010
AgencyBinibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. Star Magic (2010-2011)
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Major competitionsMiss Philippines Earth 2008 (Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2008)
Binibining Pilipinas 2010 (Winner – Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2010)
(Best in Long Gown) (Best in Philippine Terno)
(Miss Friendship)
Miss Universe 2010 (4th Runner-Up)

Venus Raj’s exceptional poise and grace led her to an impressive 4th Runner-Up placement in the esteemed Miss Universe competition.

Venus Raj’s journey to fame is often associated with her memorable answer, “Major Major,” which captured the hearts of many. Her beauty, elegance, and eloquence have made her a celebrated figure not only in the Philippines but also in the Middle East and beyond. Venus Raj continues to be an inspiration to aspiring beauty queens and a symbol of timeless grace.

2. Moza bint Nasser

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Al-Missned, born on 8 August 1959, holds a prominent position as one of the three consorts of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the former Emir of the State of Qatar. She is widely recognized for her significant role as the co-founder and chairperson of the Qatar Foundation.

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser is a co-founder and chairperson of the Qatar Foundation and held the position of Consort to the Emir of Qatar from June 27, 1995, to June 25, 2013.
Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Al-Missned, one of the three consorts of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani
NameMoza bint Nasser
Full NameSheikha Moza bint Nasser Al-Missned
Born8 August 1959
Birth PlaceAl Khor and Al Thakhira Municipality, Qatar
ChildrenTamim bin Hamad Al Thani, MORE
GrandchildrenJoaan bin Tamim Al Thani, MORE
ReligionSunni Islam
OccupationChair, Qatar Foundation
UNESCO Special Envoy for Basic and Higher Education, 2003
Chair of the Board, Arab Democracy Foundation
UN Advocate for Sustainable Development Goals
SpouseSheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of Qatar (m. 1977)
ParentsNasser Abdulah Al-Missned
EducationQatar University (1986)
Organizations foundedQatar Foundation, Silatech

Consort to the Emir of Qatar: Tenure: 27 June 1995 – 25 June 2013

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Al-Missned has made substantial contributions to education and various charitable initiatives in Qatar and is known for her dedication to enhancing the country’s development and welfare. Her influence extends far beyond her role as a consort to the Emir, making her an inspirational figure in Qatar and the Middle East.

3. Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani

  • Instagram: @almayassabnthamad
  • Followers: 1M
  • Occupations: Founder and Chairperson of Qatar Museums, Doha Film Institute

Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, born in 1983, is a prominent Qatari figure. She is the sister of Qatar’s current Emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and the daughter of the former Emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and former First Lady Moza bint Nasser.

Al-Mayassa has made a significant impact in the world of art and culture. She was recognized as the most influential person in the field of art by ArtReview’s Power 100. Her influence extends beyond the art world, as she is also featured on Time 100 and Forbes’ list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.

Sheikha Al-Mayassa is known for her influential role in art and culture and serves as the Chairperson of Qatar Museums
Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, cultural influencer and Chairperson of Qatar Museums.
NameSheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani
Full nameAl-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani
Birth PlaceDoha, Qatar
SpouseJassim bin Abdul Aziz Al-Thani (m. 2006)
ChildrenMohammed bin Jassim Al Thani
Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani
Abdulaziz bin Jassim Al Thani
Norah bint Jassim Al Thani
Tamim bin Jassim Al Thani
SiblingsHind bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, MORE
AuntsMouza bint Khalifa, Aisha bint Khalifa, Nouf bint Khalifa, MORE
ParentsHamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Moza bint Nasser Al-Missned

In her role as Chairperson of Qatar Museums, Al-Mayassa wields considerable influence and resources. It has been reported that her annual acquisition budget on behalf of the organization is estimated to be around $1 billion. Her contributions have had a lasting and substantial effect on the cultural landscape of Qatar.

Sheikha Al-Mayassa’s remarkable influence and contributions to the world of art and culture have earned her a well-deserved place among the most influential and powerful figures globally.

4. Zhu Chen

Zhu Chen, born on March 13, 1976, in Wenzhou, China, is a prominent Qatari chess Grandmaster. Notably, in 1999, she achieved the title of China’s second women’s world chess champion, following in the footsteps of Xie Jun. She is also recognized as China’s 13th Grandmaster, showcasing her exceptional skills and achievements in the world of chess.

Zhu Chen, born on March 13, 1976, is a prominent chess Grandmaster who became China's second women's world chess champion in 1999.
Zhu Chen, the Chinese-born Qatari chess Grandmaster
NameZhu Chen
Born13 March 1976
Birth PlaceWenzhou, Zhejiang, China
NationalityChina (until 2006), Qatar (since 2006)
PartnerMohammed Al-Modiahki (2000–)
EducationTsinghua University
FIDE rating2423 (October 2023); (No. 20 ranked woman in the November 2012 FIDE World Rankings)
Peak rating2548 (January 2008)
TitleGrandmaster (2001)
Women’s World Champion2001–04

In 2006, Zhu Chen embraced Qatari citizenship, marking a significant turning point in her career. Since then, she has proudly represented Qatar in various chess competitions, solidifying her reputation as a remarkable chess player of international acclaim.

5. Aya Majdi

Aya Mohamed Majdi is a prominent Qatari table tennis player originally from Egypt. Her remarkable skills have earned her several accolades, making her a celebrated athlete in Qatar. Aya achieved a significant milestone by winning three gold medals in the singles, doubles, and team events at the prestigious 2010 GCC Championship held in Doha.

Aya Majdi is an accomplished table tennis player who won three gold medals at the 2010 GCC Championship
Aya Majdi, Egyptian-born Qatari table tennis player
  • Full Name: Aya Mohamed Majdi
  • Born: 1 August 1994
  • Birth Place: Cairo, Egypt
  • Height: 161 cm (5 ft 3 in)
  • Weight: 57 kg (126 lb)
  • Sport: Table tennis

Her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport led to her participation in the Olympic Games. Aya Majdi made her Olympic debut in 2012, and her entry was made possible through one of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Tripartite Commission invitation places. Aya’s remarkable journey in table tennis has made her a respected figure in the world of sports, representing Qatar with pride and excellence.

6. Dana Al Fardan

Dana Al Fardan is a prominent Qatari composer and songwriter, widely recognized for her groundbreaking achievements. She holds the distinction of being the first female Qatari contemporary composer, singer, and songwriter. Notably, Dana is also recognized as the first Qatari woman to sing in English, breaking new ground in the music industry.

Her contributions to music are not only pioneering but also culturally significant, as she serves as the Cultural Ambassador for the Qatari Philharmonic Orchestra. Dana’s musical style seamlessly blends classical and contemporary elements with a profound influence of Arabic music, creating a unique and captivating sound.

Dana Al Fardan is known for her contributions to music and culture, as the first Qatari female composer, singer, and songwriter
Dana Al Fardan, Qatari composer and songwriter
NameDana Al Fardan
Born29 July 1985
Birth PlaceDoha, Qatar
AlbumsIndigo, Rumi: The Musical (Original Concept Album), Sandstorm, Layla
Record labelsDana Al Fardan Music, Dana Al Fardan, Broadway Records, DNA Records
GenreContemporary classical; pop; musical theatre

In 2013, Dana Al Fardan introduced her debut album, “Paint,” which garnered widespread acclaim and established her as a notable figure in the music scene. Her work has played a pivotal role in reshaping the musical landscape of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

A testament to her exceptional impact, Dana received the esteemed “Woman Of The Year” award at the Grazia Style Awards in 2017. This recognition underscores her remarkable achievements and the groundbreaking path she has forged as an English artist hailing from Qatar. Dana Al Fardan’s contributions continue to resonate and inspire both within and beyond her homeland.

7. Buthaina Al Ansari

Dr. Buthaina Al Ansari is a highly influential Qatari businesswoman with a remarkable career. She holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration from Nottingham Trent University and is an expert in strategic planning, statistics, and human development.

Buthaina Al Ansari is a powerful Qatari businesswoman known for her contributions to strategic and operational effectiveness in various industries
Buthaina Al Ansari, Qatari businesswoman

Dr. Al Ansari’s contributions go beyond the business realm; she serves as an Honorary Ambassador of the Qatar Cancer Society, displaying her commitment to charitable causes.

Her impact in the professional world is undeniable, as she has been recognized as the 19th most powerful woman in the Middle East by Arabian Business Magazine. Dr. Buthaina Al Ansari plays a pivotal role in enhancing strategic and operational effectiveness for several leading industries in Qatar, making her a key driving force in the country’s business landscape.

8. Aysha Al-Mudahka

  • Instagram: @aysha_almudahka
  • Followers: 3,344
  • Occupations: chief executive of the Qatar Business Incubation Centre (QBIC)

Aysha Al-Mudahka is a notable figure in the business world, making significant contributions to entrepreneurship and innovation in Qatar and beyond.

She serves as the chief executive of the Qatar Business Incubation Centre (QBIC), the largest mixed-use business incubator in the Middle East. Aysha Al-Mudahka is also a founding member of the Roudha Centre, an organization dedicated to advancing women’s entrepreneurship and innovation.

Aysha Al-Mudahka has played a pivotal role in reinventing business in emerging markets and serves as the CEO of Qatar Business Incubation Centre
Aysha Al-Mudahka, CEO of Qatar Business Incubation Centre

Her career has been marked by a strong focus on reinventing businesses in emerging markets. Prior to her role at QBIC, she served as CEO of QBIC, a leading business incubation hub in the MENA region. Her remarkable achievements have earned her recognition as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Arab Women by CEO Middle East Magazine.

Additionally, she was ranked as the 32nd most influential Qatari by Arabian Business Qatar.

Aysha Al-Mudahka’s journey began at the Qatar Financial Centre and the Qatar Finance and Business Academy. She later volunteered at INJAZ Qatar, an organization dedicated to preparing young individuals for success in the global economy.

Her dedication led to her appointment as Executive Director of INJAZ Qatar in March 2011, and she continues to play a pivotal role as a board member of the organization.

9. Alanoud Al-Thani

Alanoud Al-Thani is a distinguished Qatari businesswoman with a remarkable career marked by notable achievements and recognition. She plays a pivotal role in the business landscape of Qatar. Alanoud Al-Thani serves on the board of directors of the Qatar Financial Centre, a significant institution in the nation’s financial sector.

Her dedication and expertise led to her appointment as the center’s chief business officer and deputy chief executive officer in 2023.

Alanoud Al-Thani is a prominent Qatari businesswoman who has received numerous accolades for her achievements
Alanoud Al-Thani, Qatari businesswoman

Her accomplishments have garnered international recognition. In March 2021, she was honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, highlighting her leadership and impact on a global scale. The following year, in 2022, she was conferred the Arab Woman of the Year Award, a testament to her significant contributions.

Furthermore, Forbes recognized her as one of the 50 Most Powerful Businesswomen in the Middle East and North Africa, underlining her influence and prominence in the business world. Alanoud Al-Thani’s journey continues to be marked by excellence and a commitment to success.

10. Asma Al Thani – اسماء بنت ثاني

  • Instagram: @atalthani
  • Followers: 37.3K
  • Occupations: Fashion Model

Asma Al Thani is a trailblazing figure in Qatar, celebrated for her remarkable achievements and contributions. She holds the distinction of being the first Qatari woman to conquer formidable peaks, making her mark in the world of mountaineering. She has successfully summited towering giants like Mount Everest, Mount Lhotse, Manaslu, and K2.

Notably, Asma Al Thani is also the first Qatari woman to reach the summit of Ama Dablam, showcasing her unwavering determination and strength.

Asma Al Thani is known for her remarkable achievements in mountaineering and her role as Director of Marketing and Communications for the Qatar Olympic Committee
Asma Al Thani, Qatari mountaineer

Her adventures extend beyond mountain peaks, as she holds the honor of being the first Qatari person to ski to the North Pole, further exemplifying her adventurous spirit and endurance. During her ascent of Manaslu, she accomplished a groundbreaking feat by becoming the first Arab person to summit an eight-thousander without supplemental oxygen, cementing her legacy in mountaineering history.

  • Starting discipline: 2013
  • Notable ascents: Mount Everest, Mount Lhotse, Mount Manaslu, Mount Dhaulagiri, Mount Ama Dablam, Kangchenjunga

In addition to her extraordinary mountaineering achievements, Asma Al Thani is an influential figure in the sports world. She serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC), contributing significantly to the promotion and development of sports in Qatar.

Her involvement in the QOC showcases her dedication to sports and her commitment to fostering a culture of athletic excellence in the nation.

Notably, Asma Al Thani is also a member of the ruling family of Qatar, further solidifying her place as a prominent and influential figure in the country. Her remarkable accomplishments in both mountaineering and sports administration make her a source of pride and inspiration for the people of Qatar and beyond.

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