साउथ एक्ट्रेस Raai Laxmi के कोरोना वैक्सीन लगवाते समय छूटे पसीने, Video देख लोग बोले- ओवर एक्टिंग कर रही हैं! – Raai Laxmi Get Covid Vaccine

Raai Laxmi Get Covid Vaccine: So far lakhs of countrymen have got the dose of Corona Vaccine (COVID-19 Vaccine). This includes from the general public to politicians and actors. In Bollywood too, many celebrities have taken the dose of Covid-19 vaccine so far. Today South actress Raai Laxmi has also got corona vaccine. The actress recorded a video of herself getting the vaccine, which she shared with her fans.

It was seen in the video that seeing the needle while taking the dose of Corona, Rai Laxmi also started sweating and she got nervous seeing the nurse coming towards her. After this, she courageously got the needle inserted, during which she also cried. Raai Laxmi breathes a sigh of relief when the nurse injects the vaccine needle into her body and removes it.

South actress Raai Laxmi lost sweat while getting corona vaccine, people watching the video said – over acting

Sharing this video, he wrote, “I really have trypanophobia. Getting a needle is a big deal for me. But I did it (yeah). Don’t laugh now.” Let us tell you that the fear of any medical instrument and related procedures is called Trypanophobia.

After watching this video of the actress, while many people praised her for her courage, some people started trolling her fiercely. One user called it over acting, while another user commented and wrote that his video is very boring. Similarly, people are giving different types of reactions on his videos.

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