Shakira reveals she was ‘nervous’ ahead of dropping ‘Don’t Wait Up’ Latest Shakira Song

Shakira releases her new single Don’t Wait Up, watch video: Singer-songwriter Shakira was feeling a little jittery before dropping ‘Don’t Wait Up’, the upbeat summer anthem which had released on Friday. On Friday, the singer released the music video for the track, which is not only her first solo release since 2017, but also her first English language track since 2016’s ‘Try Everything’. The singer opened up about how she felt nervous before the release of the song.

“I have to say, I’m very nervous because it’s my first English song in a long time because I’ve been focusing on Spanish songs only lately,” the 44-year-old star said during a new interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1.
She added, “But this song came about and I’m like, yeah, it’s time. It’s time to do this again and I’m happy, and I’m so inspired right now.”

‘Don’t Wait Up’ review: Shakira glows in neon-lit night ocean

Colombian pop star Shakira has finally ended her solo song drought with Don’t Wait Up! The house track is the Waka Waka singer’s first single since 2017’s El Dorado and the first English-language solo song since 2016’s Try Everything. Written by Ian Kirkpatrick and Emily Warren, the new song talks of taking one night off to “do something for myself. “Here’s our review. In this article

  • Track comes with catchy repetitive chorus, fit for dance nights
  • Shakira dazzles, but mostly on the ocean
  • Dance from the dancing machine herself disappoints; overall rating 3.5/5
  • Shakira sold her back catalog in January this year

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  1. Track comes with catchy repetitive chorus, fit for dance nights
    The EDM track begins softly with lyrics that complain about a relationship that has lost its spark.
    The 44-year-old then shares her resolve, which is to let go of her worries momentarily and enjoy herself.
    The repetitive chorus, “Don’t wait up,” rings in your ears like a mantra, as if asking you to dance this night away as if it’s your last, too.

  2. Shakira dazzles, but mostly on the ocean

    A considerable amount of the video clip is Shak surfing on the night ocean in neon-lit surfboards, which is a visual pleasure.
    She had actually shot it between 2:00-5:00 am in the water and her hard work surely pays off.
    In fact, dance sequences fall flat in front of the magnificent magenta waves.
    Filmed in Tenerife, Spain, the entire song isn’t super memorable though.

  3. Dance from the dancing machine herself disappoints; overall rating 3.5/5
    Maybe the Whenever, Wherever star is going for a more steady pace for her upcoming works but the dance in Don’t Wait Up is not at par with the Shakira we all know and love.
    Overall, the song is catchy, worthy to make you groove and forget about it all that holds you down.
    So go all out!
    Verdict: song and video both get 3.5/5.