Husband accuses pregnant Chahatt Khanna of affair with brother-in-law, said- whose child is it?

Why Fail Marriage of Chahatt Khanna and Farhan Mirza: Like ordinary people in married life, celebs also have to see bad times at times. Many times the celebs save their domestic problems from coming in the public eye, then many times the problem increases so much that the quarrel of the house comes in front of the times.

Something similar has been seen in the case of TV actress Nisha Rawal and actor Rohan Mehra. The fight of both came in front of everyone. On this, actress Chahatt Khanna also advised both that they should not discuss their affairs in public. Along with this, the actress also remembered her ordeal. The actress had also accused her husband of domestic violence.

Married to Farhan Mirza

Actually, Chahat Khanna had two marriages. She married Farhan Mirza in the year 2015 after her first marriage broke up. However, this marriage did not last long and their relationship ended in the year 2018. They have two daughters, Johar and Amyra. In an interview with the Times of India, Chahatt had said that when she had both daughters, her husband asked her whether these were his daughters or not.

He was thrown out of the house a day before the second delivery. The same thing happened four days after delivery. Chahatt had alleged that he used to ask her several times to throw her out of the house. Used to beat She said that her husband had accused her of having an affair with her brother-in-law. Every other day, he used to associate names with someone or the other.

‘Won’t let you go out of the house alone’

Chahatt had told in this interview that her husband would never let her go out of the house alone. Used to keep an eye on them and used to think that if I went out alone, I should not leave them.

There were doubts even inside the house. According to Chahatt, he was afraid that people might make nonsense about him. People will say that even in his second marriage, it could not happen. A woman has to face many things socially. Thus Chahatt finally decided to break up with Farhan.

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