Rupali Ganguly yellow top and white pants, She hides face, makes a request to paparazzi: ‘I have oil in my hair’
Rupali Ganguly yellow top and white pants, She hides face, makes a request to paparazzi: ‘I have oil in my hair’
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Anupamaa Aka Rupali Ganguly Is The Prettiest In Her Simplest Attire, But Her Smile Will Steal Your Heart

Rupali Ganguly yellow top and white pants Outfit: Television actor Rupali Ganguly was surprised to find the paparazzi waiting for her outside a salon and hid her face with her hands. She told them that she oiled her hair and said that she would return in some time to pose for pictures.

Rupali Ganguly is well known for her role in the hit television drama Anupamaa. The crowd adores the woman-centric scenes in which the creators discuss women in great detail. The television actor was spotted in a simple no make-up look. 

Rupali Ganguly Looks Beautiful In Her White Pants Look Anupama Aka Rupali Ganguly wore white pants and a yellow top, and her hair was left open.

Rupali Ganguly requested the paparazzi not to take pictures of her as they spotted her outside a salon, with oiled hair. She promised to return in 20 minutes and pose for them.

Rupali Ganguly Opts For a No Make-Up Look Anupama Aka Rupali Ganguly opted for a natural look by not wearing any makeup. Rupali Ganguly’s who is garnering praise for her role in ‘Anupama’ manages to steal all the attention with her casual look.

In a video shared on Instagram by a photographer, Rupali could be heard saying, “I have oil in my hair,” as she tried to beat a hasty retreat. She made a request to the media stationed outside the salon: “Mereko 20 minutes de de, main aa rahi hoon (Give me 20 minutes, I will be back).” However, she obliged a fan who wanted to take a selfie with her.

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