Kaash – Hindi Short Film: A story of a married couple who decide to get divorced since they are unable to adjust to each other, soon after their divorce they start to miss each other but are unable to reconcile because of their ego.

Best Heart Touching Relationship Story after Marriage Life – Kaash – Hindi Short Film on Husband And Wife Relationship Story

Cast & Crew:

Director: Mukesh Sharma
Producer: Neelam Sharma
Actors: Shivani Thakur – Deepika, Mohan Sharma – Yash, Rajni Bajaj – Sudha, Yatharth Ganda – Varun, Vikas Negi – Driver, Prem Singhania – Driver

Hindi Short Film – Kaash | Romance | Friendship

Kaash is a Hindi short film about a guy and a girl who are very good friends. Ronnie and Aditi visit a pub where Ronnie meets a man who claims to be Ronnie himself from the future. Is the man bluffing? Will Ronnie believe what he says and propose Aditi?

Kaash (What If) – Inspiring Drama Short Film | Never Give Up On Your Dreams

In life, there are many decisions one needs to take. At every point, there are two or more options one has to choose from – either take the right way or the easy way. Many of us take the easy way and live life with the flow. This short film is about one such person, Alok, who takes the easy option and becomes a Chartered Accountant. He buries his dream of becoming a painter deep inside himself and does not even give that option one single chance.

Kaash – Hindi Short Film Review:

Wife gives her complete life for making house to home. If such ups n downs happens in relation men should atleast once try to ask her to cum back its just dat wife has expectation nd husbands fail everytym blaming wife. Really hurt touching story.

One thing that I realized is that if you talk loudly in any relationship, your fight get increases. Instead, if you say big things comfortably in a low tones then the quarrel gets resolved.

Best option is never bring stubbornness and ego in Your relations. Give time to Your relation irrespective of any situations

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