मैं चुनौतीपूर्ण और सीख देने वाले किरदारों को निभाने का प्रयास करती हूं! Aadhya Anand makes a mark with her acting skills in Netflix’s Bombay Begums

Actress Aadhya Anand set the Stage on fire with her acting in Bombay Begums: Actress Aadhya Anand has recently carved a niche for herself in the industry with the Netflix show ‘Bombay Begums’. Let us tell you that in this show, he has played the character of Shai Irani, which has been well-liked by the audience. Well, the show depicts the story of five different women. Where every phase of his life is beautifully portrayed.

At the same time, you can give the title of Beauty with Brain to Aadhya Anand. Do you know that he has always given priority to his education along with his acting? Aadhya has not only worked on the national OTT platform, but also in movies and TV shows. Some of these notable films include ‘A Yellow Bird’ and Utter, which have received rave reviews from film critics. Not only this, ‘A Yellow Bird’ also made it to the Cannes Film Festival.

Actress Aadhya Anand set the Stage on fire with her acting in Bombay Begums

Aadhya continues to be a fan favorite by continuing her work in various cinema and TV shows in Singapore. Also, Aadhya Anand has played important roles in National and International award winning TV shows Lion Mums 2 & 3, Menontoo International 2, Word Whiz, Slime Pit.

Talking about his journey, he started his career as a child artist at the age of 16. To this in an interview she politely replies, “I am very interested in playing different characters, learning different languages ​​and learning new skills. When I talk about Bombay Begums, her cast was the most interesting. I met eminent actors who constantly encouraged me to give my best. At the same time, Singapore cinema has taught me a lot. I always try to play challenging characters, which teaches me a lot.”

Upcoming Sensation In Bollywood Aadhya Anand Set The Stage On Fire With Her Acting Skills In Bombay Begums

The OTT platform has given an excellent platform to all the professionally trained theater artistes. If we see, these artists have great skills to perform in front of a live audience. To this Aadhya said, “It creates a good atmosphere for young actors like me and Bombay Begums was a great opportunity for me. I am always grateful for the fact that whatever roles I get, I have it because of Singapore films. I am forever grateful to the Singaporean film industry for allowing an actress my age to play some extraordinary roles.”

It is difficult for actors to play a character on screen and live their life. But on the other hand, such roles are more challenging to play, and Aadhya loves these challenges. Well, Aadhya is very keen to choose the role of two upcoming big projects in her portfolio.

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  1. Aadhya Anand who received applause for her acting skills in Bombay Begums. The actress soon set the stage on fire with her multi-talented assets

    Netflix’s famous drama series “Bombay Begums” needs an introduction. The life of five different women at different stages in their life, trying to manage and balance it in the bustling city of Mumbai is shown in the drama. The character of Shai Irani was enacted by a very talented, beautiful actress Aadhya Anand who received applause for her acting skills in Bombay Begums. The actress soon set the stage on fire with her multi-talented assets.

    The Bollywood film industry & the OTT platforms nowadays are seeing emerging with new talents. Aadhya Anand is one such fresh face that is barely sixteen and has already worked in various stage shows and appeared in movies too! She shuffles calmly between her work life and education and believes that education never should take a backseat while chasing your goals.

  2. Aadhya Anand makes a mark with her acting skills in Netflix’s Bombay Begums
    Aadhya Anand has been consistently working since she gained cognizance, to improve herself in the craft.

    Bollywood always welcomes new talent. For many, it is a fascination, but for few creative minds, it is a place to showcase your hidden talent & creativity. The OTT platform is gaining lots of popularity these days. Gone are the days when we used to wait for movies to release in Theatres. Nowadays, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. are becoming more popular. Bombay Begums on Netflix is one of the most-watched web series which has received millions of applauds. Aadhya Anand is one such talented actress who showed her acting skills in Bombay Begums. She enacted the character of Shai Irani which was highly appreciated by viewers. The life of five different women at different stages of life, trying to manage and balance the hustles in life is shown in the drama.

    Talking about Aadhya Anand, she is a fresh face in Bollywood, barely a sixteen-year-old young girl but had already appeared in many TV shows and movies too!

    Aadhya is born and brought up in Singapore and much fascinated by the film industry since childhood. She truly believes that education should not take a backseat while achieving your dream goals. Thus, she calmly shuffles between her work and education.

    On the work front, Aadhya Anand had played significant roles in National as well as International award-winning Singaporean TV shows: “Lion Mums”, “2&3”, “Whoopie’s World Season 1-4”, “Menantu International 2”, “Word Whizz”, and “Slime Pit” to name a few. Her Singaporean films “A Yellow Bird” & “Utter 2016: One Hour to Daylight” both were highly appreciated movies and had marked their presence in the Acclaimed Cannes Film Festival. The movies proved out to be head-turners for many filmmakers due to the directorial and acting skills of the entire cast & crew.

    Aadhya is still in the learning phase. Every new day she learns new techniques which enhance her acting skills. Asking about her acting experience in most-touted Bombay Begums, she said, “For many acting is a routine work or just a small task to do, but for me especially, acting is one of the soothing places on the earth where I forget my worries and I truly dedicate myself in the character which certainly turns out best.”

    Talking about the Bombay Begums experience, Aadhya explained, “Bombay Begum’s cast was like a dream come true moment for me when I met many senior & reputed actors in the film industry who were always at my back encouraging me to do my best all the time, in every scene. I learned many new things, grasp many new skills, and most satisfying, I understood people, society. Experience is the best thing! You get to know many things through your experience and yes, Bombay Begums taught me the best things in life!”

    Asking about how she chooses her films, Aadhya told, “I sincerely thank Singaporean Cinema for being kind to me and this is the reason why I stepped into more serious roles. When I get any offer, I firstly challenge myself for the character I want to play. I get many offers for TV shows as well as for movies. Sometimes, I am also asked to choose between TV & Films. My answer to such questions will always remain the same. A character, whether for a TV Show or a Film, when played with true devotion and uniqueness, the efforts of the actor always get a highlight & I am truly ready to accept any challenge for any character in my life. I want to be successful in every role I am playing. Well, the Web is currently the new normal for both movies and TV Shows. Bombay Begums was an engaging web series in which I have accepted the challenge of the role and tried my level best to justify my role in it.”

    Presently Aadhya Anand is adored by the amazing work-life with zero intentions of backing out now. At this stage, she seemed to be dedicated and devoted to her work life. She is selective in picking her roles and gives 100% in enacting them. There are two upcoming ambitious projects in the pipeline for which she will soon start the shooting.