जब नेहा पेंडसे को कहना पड़ा, ‘मैं भी तो वर्जिन नहीं हूं’

When Neha Pendse had to say, ‘मैं भी तो वर्जिन नहीं हूं’: There is a gradual change in the thinking of the people of the country and the society is benefiting from this. Even today, there are many people who are seen protesting or mocking many changes. Especially in cases in which people end one marriage and make up the mind for another marriage. It is often seen that some people do not consider such marriages to be right and recommend that the same marriage, whether it lasts or not, be tied. Something similar happened to actress Neha Pendse when she was to marry businessman Shardul Singh Beas last year.

When Neha Pendse had to say, ‘I too am not a virgin’

When the discussion about Neha Pendse and Shardul’s marriage became common, many people pointed fingers at Shardul’s divorce. Shardul had two marriages and both got divorced. There is also one girl from each marriage. It was about this that people started trolling Neha. To this, Neha said in an interview to the Times of India, “Shardul has not hidden anything from me. I knew about these things beforehand. These things do not matter to me.

Life does not end here. Shardul has balanced his life very well. ”Neha further said that I too have had three breakups. I am not a virgin either. In my case, the boy reaching his marriage was missing. All these breakups have made me stronger. Neha said in a conversation with Spotboy, “What I liked about him was that he understood in the second and third meeting that he told me directly that I want to know you by dating you. To this I said, “I am 35, not 20, let’s see how it works or not, nor am I a virgin.”

Neha’s TV Shows and Movies

Neha is currently seen in the show ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai’. She has worked in TV shows and films. His first TV show was Captain House. After this, he did TV shows like ‘Hasraten’, ‘Padosan’, ‘Bhagyalakshmi’, ‘Mithi Mithi Baaten’, ‘Family Time with Kapil Sharma’. Neha made her entry into films with the film ‘Pyaar Koi Khel Nahi’ in 1999. Apart from this, she also appeared in films like ‘Daag: The Fire’, ‘Deewane’, ‘Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai’ and ‘Devdas’.

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  1. जब नेहा पेंडसे को कहना पड़ा, ‘मैं भी तो वर्जिन नहीं हूं’