Tanushree Dutta Latest News: Apart from films, Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta has been in the news for accusing Nana Patekar in the Meetu campaign. She is also gearing up for a comeback to Bollywood. Recently Tanushree celebrated her birthday. In such a situation, there is an anecdote related to his life, which shocks the fans. Let’s know about this anecdote related to his birth:

Tanushree Dutta Biography, Wiki, Height, BF, Size, Bollywood Actress Latest News, Photos, Movie, Song
Tanushree Dutta Biography, Wiki, Height, BF, Size, Bollywood Actress Latest News, Photos, Movie, Song

‘Had asked to prepare for my funeral’

Aashiq banaya apne popular actress tanushree dutta

Tanushree once told this story in an interview to TOI. In this conversation, Tanushree had said, ‘I was a premature baby, I was born in the seventh month. After my birth, I came to know that I have severe jaundice and the doctors raised their hands, my parents were asked to prepare for my funeral. But as fate had approved, I survived and was like a healthy baby. ‘

The local train would have crushed

The actress shared another similar story in which she almost died. It was a matter of those days when she was modeling, Miss India 2014 was not made. According to the actress, she and her friends were crossing the train trek on foot. The train was just a short distance away when suddenly their friends pressurized the actress to sit down. They sat in the gap between the tracks and barricades until the train passed. However, there was so much space that there was no problem in stopping till the train departed. The actress had told that during this time for a minute, all her life came in front of the eyes like a movie. It felt as if there was this gesture from somewhere.

Preparing to return to Bollywood

After making headlines in the Meitu campaign and her case having cooled down, Tunshree is now gearing up for a comeback to films. During this, many such videos of the actress appeared, in which her weight was seen to be reduced. Recently some photos were shared by Tanushree, in which she looked beautiful. The actress has already claimed that she has many friends in the industry who want to work with her. She will work with him when the right opportunity comes. Let me tell you that Tanushree was living in America before she had her objections in the Meetu campaign. There was no place for movies in her life, she had set out on the path of spirituality. The actress shares videos on her social media with spiritual messages. He has also done public programs of this manner many times.

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