Alia Bhatt sends Kangana Ranaut flowers after Padma Shri

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is in the news these days for her film ‘Panga‘ and her ‘Panga’ in real life. Meanwhile, she was announced to be awarded the Padma Shri, after which she again came into the news. After Kangana’s name was selected for Padma Shri, many people congratulated her, but in this, the greetings from Alia Bhatt have come in the news.

Actually, Alia Bhatt sent flowers to Kangana Ranaut after Padma Shri’s announcement and gave her best wishes. After this, Kangana’s sister Rangoli reacted with different style to Alia’s flower, which many people are not even considering. Rangoli tweeted a photo of the flower sent by Alia and wrote, “Look, Alia ji has also sent flowers to Kangana, Kangana does not know but I am enjoying it very much.”

Alia bhatt Pass Comment on Kangana Ranaut twitter
Alia bhatt Pass Comment on Kangana Ranaut twitter #BollywoodNews Alia Bhatt has reacted to the comment of Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli which she did when Alia Bhatt sent flowers to Kangana Ranot.

After this, Alia Bhatt has given her reaction to this comment of Rangoli. By the way, Alia did not think it was right to react to it and said that she can react whatever she wants. At the same time, Alia did not say anything about Rangoli and did not reply well. Also, the comment on Rangoli was not right or wrong. Actually, Alia has always been accused of nepotism and the actress has never spoken openly on this.

Let us know that recently the Padma Awards were announced, in which Kangana Ranaut name has been included among those who are honored with Padma Shri. At the same time, Kangana’s film Panga has been released in theaters and Kangana is in the headlines these days with her statement in the CAA-NRC, Nirbhaya case.

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