यदि आप पुणे ट्रैवल्स कर रहे हैं तो आपको पुणे में 3 लोकल फूड आजमाने चाहिए! – World Tour & Travels Portal

While Traveling Pune: 3 Local Food Items You Must Try: Pune is becoming the most preferred city to visit and live. Pune is famous for its weather and hill station. In addition, it is famous for IT Parks and Educational Institution. Pune is a well-established game of food. Here is a list of three local food items out of all the special items that you should try visiting Pune.

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Best Places To Meet Girls In Pune | Meeting Face to Face for the First Time

Bhakarwadi (भाकरवाडी) – While Traveling Pune

It is a savory roll that is spicy and deep fried which is delicious. The Chitle brothers are famous for the Mitthawale Bhakarwadi. In every shop, you will find this delicious food item that is prepared locally. Most visitors do not consume, but take home kilowatts in kilos as they do not look tasty anywhere other than Pune.

Peanut sauce (पीनट चटनी)

This delicacy is also not found anywhere and it is very tasty. Peanut chutney is also a local specialty food item of Pune, made with peanuts, garlic, dried chilli powder and jaggery. It is locally called “bhee yachchi chutney”. It can be consumed with any food. Visitors also like to take these food items home in quantity.

Sago polenta (साबूदाना खिचड़ी)

This local food is found in most places, especially the roadside eaters in Pune are truly unbeatable. It is made from sabudana, garnished with crushed roasted peanuts and other things, making it very tasty and a favorite local food item by visitors.

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