The waist and joint pain are bothered to start from today- Joint Pain | Causes, Relief and Treatment – Home Tips

The Waist and Joint Pain – Home Remedies: If you are also troubled by the problem of waist and joint pain, then now start taking some fruits to remove it. This will not only get you a lot of vitamins, but it will also help to control uric acid in your body. Today we will tell about such fruits.

Orange (संतरा) – The Waist and Joint Pain – Home Remedies

There is a citric acid in the orange. Which is helpful in reducing the amount of uric acid present in the body. Vitamin C in orange is along with Datoxifying Element. Which pulls out the toxic elements of the body. Therefore the use of orange should be plentiful.

Banana (केले) – Fast and effective back pain home remedies

There is a lot of potassium in cell. It is also helpful in reducing uric acid. Banana prevents uric acid by crystalling and also reduces the problem of joint pain. Doctors also recommend eating banana to arthritis patients.

Carrots (गाजर) – Joint pain: Causes, foods, prevention, other natural home remedies that provide relief

There are vitamin A and antioxidants in Gajar. Carrot is very helpful in controlling uric acid and it gives the body to fight free radicals. By consuming carrots, the pain of joints is helpful in reducing inflammation. Carrots can also be consumed in the form of salads, vegetables and soup.

Common Fruit’s (आम फलों) – Natural Home Remedies for Knee Pain

It is known as the king of common fruits. There are antioxidants in it. The patients of uric acid give relief to pain. Obesity is one of the main reasons to grow uric acid. Which is less than mango and it also reduces weight.

By the way, you can control uric acid through these home remedies. But still the uric acid level has increased. Then the doctor should consult. So there is no problem in your body.

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