यहां पर आइए देखें कि कौन सी गोभी है स्वास्थ्यवर्धक। – Latest Vegetable Health Tips

Red cabbage vs green cabbage: Whether it is red cabbage or green cabbage, both are full of good nutrients and are very helpful for you. It is a fact that red cabbage is packed with a greater nutritional profile and more overall oxidant. Both are low in calories and high in fiber. But there are some differences. Let’s see it.

Vitamin A in red cabbage is ten times that of green cabbage. Vitamin A helps you for better vision, and also keeps your skin and immune system healthy. Overall, green cabbage has less vitamin A than red cabbage, so red cabbage is good.

Red cabbage vs green cabbage: which cabbage is better for health?

Green cabbage has more vitamin K than red cabbage. Vitamin K affects the density of bones. Bone fractures are less likely for those consuming green cabbage.

Red cabbage has higher vitamin c content than green cabbage. Vitamin C has good oxidants and produces collagen, which strengthens the skin and helps heal wounds.

Iron is very important for our body. Iron is the part of protein that stores oxygen in your heart and skeletal muscles. Both red and green contain iron. Iron in red cabbage is comparatively double that of green cabbage. Iron helps your immune system.

Although red cabbage and green cabbage have nutritional value, red cabbage has an edge over green cabbage, as it has a better percentage of vitamins and iron. Red cabbage contains insoluble fibers that help prevent constipation and reduce the risk of developing diverticular disease.

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