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Asanas to Improve Body Posture: A lot of people are traveling because of S, Enzy and other physiological and mental issues. Even most of Youngster are facing back, neck and shoulder pens. Muscles need to be relaxed and body posture can be corrected through yoga. There are some yoga asanas that will help you improve your body posture. Here we take a look at three such rugs.

A simple 15-minute morning routine women yoga Tips - Asanas to Improve Body Posture
A simple 15-minute morning routine women yoga Tips

Triconsana (tringle pose)

This is a classic yoga position that strengthens your spine, Thai and epidural muscles. This is a great poster for creating ease, space and openness in the body.

These are 3 asanas to improve body posture – Latest Body Fitness Tips


Dhanurasan sports both body parts at a time. In this posture, you make a curve by using your hand and arm, pulling your trunk and leg together. It tones the muscles of your back and supports the elasticity of the spine, which ensures an improvement in your body posture.

Sethu Bandhasan (brief status) – Asanas to Improve Body Posture

These asanas provide you with a soft spine, which will strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. This pose is always good for your posture and makes your back strong and also opens your chest.

These three asanas should be done one hour before a meal and one hour after a meal. Also, expert guidance is very important for all those yoga asanas. Not only do these asanas give you good body posture, but will also help you with other health issues. In the above rugs, balance as well as breathing control are required. Overall, all these asanas will definitely give you good physical posture.

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