women department of chattisgarh
women department of chattisgarh

Women and Child Welfare Department Government of Chhattisgarh, INDIA

Women and Child Welfare Department Government of Chhattisgarh about this. Government Organization.

The Department of Women and Child Development has been formed to implement and give impetus to the schemes and programs related to the development and welfare of women and children.

functions of the department:-

  1. To improve the social, economic, health and nutritional status of the women of the state.
  2. the physical, mental, intellectual development and health and nutrition of children, to prevent malnutrition.
  3. protect the constitutional interests of women, make them competent and aware to take advantage of laws and various schemes related to the welfare of women, security.
  4. play the role of coordinator in the implementation of schemes related to the development of women and children by various departments in the state.
  5. Co-ordination of implementation of women empowerment policy to empower and enable women.
women department of chattisgarh
Women and Child Welfare Department Government of Chhattisgarh, INDIA | News & Updates

Honorable Minister Mrs. Anila Wolf
Member secretary
Mrs. Padma Chandrakar, Mrs. Mamta Sahu, Mrs. Khileshawari Kiran

To empower women in the state, to take care of and protect the interests of women, to take initiative to end the discriminatory system, status and provisions against women, to ensure their dignity and respect, to give them equal opportunities for development in every field, State Women Commission was constituted on 24.3.2001 to take prompt action on atrocities and crimes against women. Is.

Commission’s work: -To investigate and examine all matters relating to the protections provided under the Constitution and other laws for women. a submit a report to the State Government annually and at such other times as the Commission may deem fit, regarding the implementation of such protections. To take matters of violation of the provisions made in respect of women in the Constitution and other laws to the appropriate authorities.

Participate in and advise the process of preparing a plan for the socio-economic development of women.

Funding cases that involve issues that impact large groups of women.

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Click of Official Website of Women Development Government of Chhattisgarh: https://www.cgstate.gov.in/web/women-and-child-development/home

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