Home News Social Media Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Numbers For Friendship | Dating, Friendship, Online

Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Numbers For Friendship | Dating, Friendship, Online

Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Numbers For Friendship | Dating, Friendship, Online
Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Numbers For Friendship | Dating, Friendship, Online

Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Numbers – In Pakistan, nearly every person use WhatsApp … Girls by the use Pakistani Girl Whatsapp Number list Muslim Women No. 7435002802

Are you aware that the amount of guys looking up search engines for Pakistani girl mobile number is alarming?

Little wonder why we’ve been receiving series of emails requesting us to drop some Pakistani girls mobile numbers for chatting and friendship.

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Sri Lanka Girls Whatsapp Numbers List Colombo

If you’re among those numerous guys, count yourself lucky because this is the day when we furnish you with real Pakistani girl mobile number for friendship.

However, before we proceed, let’s take a moment to talk about Paki girls.

What do they like/dislike? How do you approach them and can you build a sustaining friendship/relationship with a Pakistan girl?

Have you been asking yourself any of the above questions? Worry not because we’re here to solve the puzzle.

Join Indian College Girls Whatsapp Groups Links
Join Indian College Girls Whatsapp Groups Links

Pakistani Girl Mobile Number (Likes & Dislikes)

1). Just like every other girl, Paki girls dislike it when you try to sound authoritative during first meeting. It’s nicer when you approach calmly with some aura of self-confidence. Every woman prefers it when a man sounds confident but not necessarily authoritative.

2). Pakistani girls admire intelligent and smart guys.

3). The ladies who sent in their Pakistani girl mobile number are working class ladies but a few of them stated they love gift surprises. That they like gifts doesn’t literately mean spending money on buying expensive gifts for them.

4). Compliments. This is one thing that melts the heart of every woman. Tell her nice things about her like the way she walks, sounds, smiles or dresses.

5). Don’t be a talkative. Most women generally do not fancy men that talk too much so avoid this as much as you can.

After mentioning the above, this is the part where we will be dropping some Pakistani girl mobile numbers for you.

Whether you’re hoping to get direct Pakistani girls whatsapp numbersPakistani girl mobile number or Pakistani girls phone numbers, always remember this is the best place where you can find those real contacts.

See Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers Below

1). Name: Amira
Age: 21
Location: Punjab
Number: +9203005462648

2). Name: Anousheh
Age: 23
Location: Sindh
Number: +92030075422651

Pakistani Girl Mobile Number

3). Name: Deeba
Age: 19
Location: Balochistan
Number: +9203022461678

4). Name: Dunya
Age: 24
Location: Punjab
Number: +9203031134994

5). Name: Babra
Age: 27
Location: Punjab
Number: +9203030922231

6). Name: Aminah
Age: 23
Location: Sindh
Number: +9203033334504

7). Name: Humaima
Age: 25
Location: Balochistan
Number: +9203036352866

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