Sonam Kapoor Black Kaftan Worth Rs. 1 Lakh: New Year Celebration
Sonam Kapoor Black Kaftan Worth Rs. 1 Lakh: New Year Celebration
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Sonam Kapoor in ₹1 lakh kaftan dress kisses Anand Ahuja and celebrates New Year 2022: All pics

Sonam Kapoor Black Kaftan Worth Rs. 1 Lakh: Sonam Kapoor welcomed the arrival of New Year 2022 in style, celebrating with her husband, Anand Ahuja, and sharing their joyful moments online. The Bollywood actress shared an affectionate embrace and a sweet kiss with Anand, offering a glimpse of their romantic celebration.

Not only did she give her fans a sneak peek into her intimate New Year’s Eve festivities, but she also showcased her impeccable fashion taste, particularly her stunning kaftan dress valued at a whopping Rs. 1 lakh.

In a heartwarming New Year’s wish, Sonam Kapoor expressed her love for Anand Ahuja, emphasizing that he is not just phenomenal every day but also a remarkable presence year after year. She conveyed her warm wishes for good health, happiness, and fulfillment to her followers for the upcoming year 2022.

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s Romantic New Year: Sonam Shines in a Rs. 1 Lakh Black Kaftan

Sharing these memorable moments with her fans, Sonam Kapoor posted the photos on her official Instagram page. In the captions, she lauded her husband’s unique qualities and described him as the one she desires to spend each new year with due to his extraordinary nature. Her post also extended well wishes for the well-being and happiness of everyone in the year 2022.

Known for her impeccable fashion sense and style, Sonam Kapoor’s New Year celebration was no exception. The pictures from her celebration provided glimpses of her beautiful new house, which exudes a picturesque charm. Sonam radiated beauty and elegance in her stunning black kaftan, igniting the internet with her charisma and setting a stylish tone for the new year.

Sonam Kapoor’s New Year celebration was a blend of love, style, and elegance, capturing the hearts of her admirers and making her the center of attention with her choice of fashion.

Her kaftan dress, valued at Rs. 1 lakh, showcased her commitment to looking fabulous and standing out in any setting, leaving a lasting impression on her audience. As she stepped into the new year, Sonam Kapoor remained the epitome of grace and sophistication.

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