Sofia Hayat Holi News: Holi is a festival in which a lot of color is seen. Bollywood and TV celebs also attend Holi celebrations and play a lot of colors. However, many times during the Holi, Hoodadang is also seen, so people usually enjoy this festival with a little caution. Recently, actress and model Sofia Hayat has revealed similar molestation during Holi. He said that he was abused during the Holi party.

Intoxication caused Sofia to water completely – होली पार्टी में हुई छेड़छाड़ का सोफिया हयात ने किया खुलासा, बुराई पर अच्छाई की जीत का दिया मैसेज

Controversial actress Sofia Hayat has been a contestant of Bigg Boss 7. Many controversies also arose during the show. Now the actress has revealed shocking. During a conversation with Spotboye, Sofia Hayat told that she was once enjoying the Holi Party. Then a hand was inserted inside their skirt that shook them badly.

Sofia Hayat said that I was having fun at the Holi party. Some people there wanted to click photos with me. From the celebs to the common people were also involved in the party. I had eaten water at the party there, but I did not know that cannabis was found in it. I got intoxicated and I began to enjoy myself in full enjoyment.

Sofia Hayat was molested

Bigg Boss Actress Sofia Hayat further said that during this time some people came to click photos with me and someone lifted my skirt. The man had put his hand inside the skirt. At first I thought it was just an illusion but it happened again and I was shocked. I immediately pushed her down and I left.

During that time a friend of mine helped and left me to my car. I somehow reached my apartment. In such a situation, I want to say that women should be careful. Holi is the victory of good over evil and I was won. Let me tell you that Sofia Hayat has been in controversies about her statements in the past as well.

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