Adline Castelino asked the lockdown question of India: Miss Universe 2021 winner is Andrea Meza of Mexico. The winner of the top 5 competitions at the finale was Mexico’s winner, Adline Castelino from India, as well as contestants from Brazil, Peru and the Dominican Republic. India’s Adline Castelino is ranked fourth. Edlin could not become the winner of this competition, but the answer to the question asked to her is being praised all around. He was questioned about the lockdown in the competition. The finale of Miss Universe was held at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Adline Castelino asked the lockdown question of India – ‘Nothing is better than health’

In the finale of Miss Universe 2021, Adlin was asked, ‘Should countries put a lockdown on Corona while the economy is affected badly or should the transition rate be opened by opening its borders?’ “I have come from India because of this and what India is facing right now, I realized a very important thing, nothing is more than the health of your loved ones. You must reconcile both the economy and health.

This can only happen when the government goes shoulder to shoulder with the people and does something that will help the economy as well. โ€The video was shared on Miss Universe’s social media handles. In its comments, many people have praised Edlin’s answer. Some even heard the answer and said that the winner should be made by Edlin.

‘I think of India’

A day before the finale, Adline wrote on Instagram thanking the people of the country for their support, “It seems that people all over the world are cheering me, waving the flag, though I can’t see it.” I feel like I’m at home. I think about India and what we are going through. When people love themselves by giving themselves trouble, that is the purest form of love. I am grateful to you that I have experienced it at a young age and I wish I could tell you what I saw that day! I saw hope that would soon be ours. ‘

Significantly, Adline Castelino parents are from Karnataka. Adalyn was born in 1998. She came to Mumbai Studies at the age of 15. Adaline has won the Miss Diva 2020 beauty pageant.

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